The world is already under the full control of a worldwide crime syndicate. Everything we see is just window dressing.

There are long term ugly plans.

I wrote about them here:


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Any timeline on when this “mother of all false flag events” will play out? I’m not suggesting that you are clairvoyant, but I am interested in your opinion.

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Moi? Clairvoyant? Of course I am! 🤣😂

Given that the dumb fucker US and UK and other equally stupid NATO mobsters have sent their battleships into the Mediterranean to hover menacingly around the Levant, I would say that the false flag event as I described in my article, is IMMINENT.

Is that helpful?

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A major historical Illuminati Mason is purported to have said that the Third World War (which the powers will orchestrate) will be between the zionists and Islam, with the goal to destroy both. Reasonable prognostication? Sure.

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Yes. I suspect those two scapegoats will be eliminated to prepare for the revived Roman Empire and the ten kings/seven heads scenario to unfold. Regrettably, the good 'ol USSA will fall as we take sides with the Zionist faux-iews.

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You mean the '10/7 incident'?

All we need now is the effing whore of Babylon...

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Hold onto your hat, Gary! xx

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the crucial question about this is 'have they finally developed the tech to disperse the soot to end the nuclear winter and also repair the ozone layer following a mass nuclear event?'

If yes, then this is their perfect, final way of solving the 'depopulation problem' - 99% of people would die within a year.

But also, if yes, then countries who have also developed this technology can simply call their bluff...

Now that's patriotism...

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The object of the exercise is to annihilate all of nature - not just humanity.

Then, when the final microbe has been fried away, they will replace nature with their own design. Please read my article.

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you are referring to Albert Pike- he didn't say it, if he had said it it would have been in code/cypher. If you bother to read his brilliant, yet much maligned book Morals & Dogma (which was uncannily unpopular among most Masons for most of its existence!) you will also realise the alleged letter is totally unlike his other writings , sensibilities and inclinations.

I went to the British Library/museum to find that note over 25 years ago ( I had a journalist pass at the time) - the Museum & library had no clue about it... instead I dug out some old Masonic Ledger that had a very intimate reminiscence of Queen Victoria visiting the 'Head Lodge'... everyone seemed quite taken by her warm & welcoming presence.

But hey, it's easier to demonise folk by association than bother to actually do any research. All the Pike haters I've encounter have never read his work & typically mis-quote him- or claim utter arse dribble about him being in the KKK and being a racist- while the opposite seems to be closer to any truth.... tho he did look a rather spooky & intimidating character from later photographs.

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Feb 27·edited Feb 27

“Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry”, written by Albert Pike, is described as "a collection of thirty-two essays which provide a philosophical rationale for the degrees (membership levels) of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. The lectures provided a backdrop for the degrees by giving lessons in comparative religion, history, and philosophy” and is way too occult and esoteric for my liking. Others’ mileage may vary. If (so-called) “the spirituality of comparative religions” is a real phenomenon, then it stands to reason (in my opinion) that there is spirituality which is of the devil and spirituality which is of God and the spirituality of philosophers who pretend that their (so-called) “wisdom” is enlightening. I am of the opinion that “the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry” and the Illuminati are BOTH of the devil AND human sophistry. I hate sophistry with a passion. I hate it with the same passion that I hate the eristic and the dialectic.

Since A. Pike was the head of a secret society and I consider all secret societies to be of the devil, then you can follow my logic that A. Pike was used (wittingly or unwittingly) by the devil. If this seems closed minded to you, I’m okay with not being too open minded. With too open of a mind, I would let in A LOT of garbage and negative psychic energy. Eff that!!

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Sadly you provide no logic & prove you are unfit to tackle a book such as Morals & Dogma with expressions (mental blockages) such 'way too occult'. Esoteric books are written for initiates. they are 'esoteric', which, if you know what that word means makes it self explanatory why the general public would be baffled or bored by Morals & Dogma and its like! It is not OCCULT as nothing is hidden , he's quite candid... however, as to what the words & images actually mean will vary for each readers level of comprehension, if it seems fairly overt then you know it means something else. It is not occult , it is typically esoteric & cyphered.

ALL over the world the initiate systems have overt correspondences, so that anyone ,of any language , class, creed etc can comprehend the 'science of nature' - or spiritual science you refer to. This system is possibly as old as the oldest known human communities and was the CORE of ALL communities.

ALL boys & girls entering puberty were once aware of these primal & potent symbols. In time they were demonised by psychopathic religious cults such as the modern 'Judeo' perversions and compromised with vested 'business' interests. In the last century the initiate system has been utterly abused & is now primarily another form of power game, I would imagine.

Albert Pike was not 'really' the Head of a secret society, he was the public face of administration. Freemasonry is not really a secret society, it is well known about and a very proud & public body of typically corrupt, nepotistic, conspirers. It has secrets , but so do the brownies & cubs, and all tradesfolk & craftsmen, along with roadies of rock bands, cooks, prostitutes, accountants and just about everything else! btw, All Masons, regardless of their degree, are considered equal in terms of their Masonic status.

As to the 'devil' and devil worship it seems you weren't closed minded enough & let in a whole heap of garbage. With your lack of theological foundation you appear either confused or dangerously ignorant. According to the Bible (I'm not suggesting you 'believe' the Bible btw!) God is the author of ALL GOOD & EVIL, and if you look at what Satan (TIME the adversary, sower & reaper) does he does nothing evil, nor does Lucifer (the Light Bringer). ALL evil acts in the Bible are committed by GOD in some petulant temper tantrum of intolerance usually. Read the boring book of JOB if in any doubt as to what the horrid 'god' of the Bibles personality is like, it also explains what 'gods' favourite creature is, and why!

All secret societies are not of the devil, that is rabidly ignorant to profess.

Your hang up about eristic and the dialectic has substance in this age of naive arrogance & conceits, you clearly have aptitude but will remain hindered with these childish concepts of the 'devil' (literally any 'doer of evil') as it is a relatively modern construct and initially devised to usurp reverence for the Moon towards Sun Worship, demonising all Moon correspondences in the process (SIN being the most overt).

I hope that helps in some way, and please excuse my cynical manner, no insult is intended, I'm just too old to be as diplomatic as the current fashions would like.

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Hey Gary (I’m not a mensch 😂) who gives a shit what you think about such things when you are clearly some triggered bigot having a bitch about matters beyond your influence, or even comprehension? I've known RAM for years , and I doubt you or anyone you know has had more grief from Masons over the decades, and here you are being a rancid muleworm dribbling crap.

You are a big part of the problem Gary- sort yourself out, apologies or face instant Karma for your transgressions.

From your manner it looks like you are another pathetic masochist gagging to be abused.

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Sorting everything in love into “of these devil” or “of God” seems to me to be a very simplistic and limiting way of viewing the world. How many “devilish” things does a person have to do to move from the God category to the devil category? What if they just THINK it?

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this may interest you- ''Gary Joseph Slabaugh

August 1, 1934 - January 13, 2024''


It also explains why Gary has so much trouble thinking & acting like a empathic human being.....he can't.... because he's actually a zombie!!!

Yet, despite being dead, Gary still has a compulsion to shit stir with an old lie ... though maggots have eaten so much of his brain that he has forgotten that was Albert Pike to whom he refers.

Gary has no idea what the Illuminati, or Luminanti actually are obviously.

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If you, Ram/Ramona desire to believe that I am dead, then that’s great. If you crave to attach your desires onto Thanatos, the personification of death, one of the offspring of Nyx (Night); then that’s your agency being exercised.

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when you get around to doing deeper research you will realise what you call 'Roman' is the CLAN/CULT mingling of very 'jewish' concerns (let's say the 'new Phoneticians' ), then your work will have far more credibility. At the moment you are too confused to help, and will only distract from the more resonant truths, with your typical impotent, fear mongering dreams of planetary annihilation.🙄😉

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Fransesco Follower is an apologist & distractor Ramona. She will never get around to deeper research, its all regurgitation of other distraction agents and fear mongers.

I kind of like her 'Jahoviah Witness' penchant for end of the world scenarios & terminal misery, she's a woman of her times!

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She really is akin to a Jehovahs Witness...😂... I imagine that if there were no problems in her life that she would cause some....🙄😂🤣😂

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Imagination isn't necessary , just look at her outpourings !


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Garys repeating himself now and resorted to the standard troll script.

It looks like he's totally cracked and been replaced by an ever bigger idiot.

What a surprise 🙄😂

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Actually, your buddy Serge resorted to blocking me. Is this SOP for a (so-called) “champion troll destroyer”?

Maybe you ought to follow Serge’s lead and block me too, Ram/Ramona.

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this may interest you- ''Gary Joseph Slabaugh

August 1, 1934 - January 13, 2024''


It also explains why Gary has so much trouble thinking & acting like a empathic human being he's actually a zombie!!!

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What explains your posts best is that you are pig-ignorant and sociopathic and imbecilic. Bye, Ram aka Ramona. I refuse to exchange any more comments with anyone as malevolent as yourself.

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By the way, you and Ram (aka Ramona) are incurable stupid (i.e. incapable of learning certain facts & truths) and ignorant of facts & truths you two ought to have already learned and are malevolent (i.e. persons whose minds know what to do but do not do it, resulting in such acts as lying, cheating, stealing and taking advantage of the the people in your social circles without making sufficient contribution to these same people). You two are the classic triple threat: imbecilic, pig-ignorant and sociopathic.

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yet again you offer no proof or example of your demented claims.

You write all that, yet still beg for our attention! What is wrong with you, are you some sort of pervert as well as a desperate masochist?

Where have I ever lied publicly Garynoid?

You will have to back up your claims on that last rant , it seems like you've resorted to cut & paste Troll scripts. Or been replaced by an even more inept agent of social Time Vampire tactics.

I doubt ANY of Iains readers are convinced by anything you utter. You are the lamest, dumbest controlled op/ agent provocateur in all printed history.



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Mar 7·edited Mar 7

make sure that your alter ego, Serge/Dub, chimes in too, you two dribbles of diarrhea

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One of your public lies was claiming that my name is “Gary Joseph Slabaugh” born in 1934, you moronic imbecile.

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ah, you didnt appreciate my sense of humour Francis, and have none yourself.

Who thinks actual zombies can type ?

You are a mental mess- seek help .... or solace away from social media.

Long walks on the moors is the usual method for your sort.

btw- What about all your other unsubstantiated claims about me that aren't an obvious joke, or wind up?... really dead people typing 😂

You really let yourself go there Francis !😂🤣😂

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Excellent article, Iain! Thank you!

I tried to say something very similar with my article,


Nationalism Vs Globalism


My summation was that the Western Oligarchy and Eastern Oligarchy are in a competitive contest for control over the UN, with each side establishing competing International Monetary Systems.

Like you point out, both the Western and Eastern Oligarchies are adherents to, and proponents of, the UN-WEF Agenda 21/2030 SDG/ESG/DEI dictates.

But there’s a monkey wrench in the machinery gumming-up the forward progress.

That monkey wrench is Populism.

The “people” are rising up and protesting against the Globalist Fascist Oligarchy.

In the USA, Trump’s “America First MAGA Patriot” movement is growing stronger with African-Americans and Latino-Hispanics and women and young adults realizing that the UniParty of Democrats and Republican Establishment RINOs are more inclined to represent the interests of the Globalist Fascist Oligarchy rather than the interests of the people who are their local constituents.

One thing that I do wonder about is if there ever actually came to be a “One World” Global Technocracy, then what would become of the Military-Industrial Complex?

It’s becoming more and more apparent that the future role of NATO, most likely its intended role from its inception, is to be the Global Enforcer of the Globalist’s dictates. But how many officers and troops/airmen/sailors, tanks, fighter jets, bombers, missiles, and naval combat ships will the future NATO actually need?

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Trump is not "our guy" either, he is more of a Zionist than most Israeli Zionists, and far more dangerous imo.

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Unfortunately for you, there is no one else in the USA with the knowledge, experience, capability, and massive support, who is fighting to preserve the USA as an independent sovereign nation-state, and who is fighting to preserve the US Constitution.



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spoken like an ideology. They are all in AIPAC's pocket, wisen up. Though trump is much more entertaining than the rest. He is still a shill for the Zionists. Get your jab, just like Trump tells you. I love the way he stood up to the powers that be during the Covid bs.

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Who are you voting for to be the next President?

Do you understand that Trump is not a medical doctor and most certainly has no expertise in communicable virus diseases, and how to respond to a global pandemic? The President must rely upon the advice given to him by government-paid experts in their various fields of expertise.

Trump’s No. 1 Priority was to get people back to work as quickly as possible.

The “cabal” intended for their plannedemic to instigate “The Great Collapse of Society” by shutting down the global economy for YEARS, and then they could “Build Back Better” their New World Order of a One-World Globalist Fascist Technocracy.

Trump’s “Operation Warp Speed” thwarted the cabal’s plans by getting the global economy working again after only a short shutdown, and thereby Trump preserved the Republic and Nationalism.







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probably believe in the Q psyop too... yes Ideologue... on that is a slave to their ideology excuse my lack of paying attention to grammar. anyways, have a good day, i don't debate with Ideologues. They are all scum, Trump included. The bankers own him, look for the video you can see them talking about how Trump personally guaranteed all his loans and the banks had all the leverage and they decided that he was "better off alive than dead" aka not bankrupting and using him. If you want to be a dupe that is not my problem. Believe in your savior Trump, don't take actions for yourself.... don't educate yourself and others about the real issues and work to fix them... Trump will do it for you.

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Who are you voting for?

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I hear what you're saying and you make a fair amount of sense - the sense that 'all in it together' is not the same thing as 'doing the same stuff'. Likewise, they (these MWO leaders, that is) pretty much all have similar characters/personalities (ruthless, a little despotic, etc.), so the policies/pillars of a NWO are useful to each of them.

For example, if one thinks about the horrific child abuse network, and how exposing it to the public would make the public bring down the entire western empire from within, then it does beg the question 'why doesn't Putin or Xi order their intelligence services to expose the whole network?' - it's what I would do if I were them. It's a very elegant solution. One can say the same about 9-11 - why didn't Putin expose it on the very day it happened? He's not dumb enough to believe the official narrative. Rhetorical questions, perhaps.

However: I think there is one, let's call it a 'hidden variable' that you may be missing here. And that's the idea of 'coercion'. In layperson's terms 'if you don't do X, Mr. Putin/Xi/[insert national leader] then we [the oligarchs, the real controllers] will do Y'.

Think about the psychology of it this way - does, say, Putin really seem like the kind of guy who would gladly just bend over and pick up the soap for some weasel like Mr. Rothschild & associates? No, I really can't see Putin 'only following orders' - he would have to be seriously coerced into it, and this means the 'threat' involved has to be exceptional.

Having considered this, I am currently leaning towards the nuclear threat (so-called Samson Option - weapons stashed, along with the necessary cells, in hundreds of major cities across the world, with less than a 30-60 minute time-to-target). It's not actually the immediate loss of life, it's the extinction level event caused by nuclear winter and destruction of the ozone layer.

Mind you, if I was Putin and Xi and aware of this, I would've already developed the tech to disperse all that soot and end the nuclear winter, and also repair the ozone layer.

Serious points to think about, I think.

But you are right about infighting amongst the cabal playing out in wars on the world stage. In the final reckoning, only one faction will win. I think these real conflicts are pre-empting this. It's in their psychopathic nature, after all, not to trust other psychopaths. i.e. each other. Thus - all of them require deterrents (if I go down, you go down with me).

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Thanks Evelyn. Personally I suspect that “coercion” is monetary and financial. Governments do not control the issuance of their currency. “Private” central banks do and they are independent of government, in Russia too. Oligarchs control the money supply and that seem sufficient to me to coerce any government as they wish.

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Yeah, but this is entirely my point. Anyone with any sense (or patriotism, for that matter) would take public/state ownership over the money supply - this is, after all, what the Nazis did and which led to WW2 (no inflation, no debt, would've created a domino effect - the western empire's entire foreign policy has been about attacking anyone who threatens to do this with their money supply - i.e. socialism).

Perhaps my point is psychological - you say 'governments do not control the issuance of their currency' - well they have the effing power to do so, don't they? So the real question is 'why don't they take back control over their own currency? What is it, really, that Mr. Rothschild & Associates have hanging over them that they don't do this blatantly obvious thing?' After all, let's take UK as an example - if the government took control over the Bank of England and the City of London, what would Rothschild & co. do? They must have some kind of 'deterrent/threat' surely?

Something like 10 trillion quid passes through the CoL every DAY - even 0.1% transaction tax equals 3.65 TRILLION a year (and you can bet Mr. R & co. take their commission).

So - I will reiterate - what is the coercion/threat/etc. that prevents ANY POLITICIAN from advocating taking public ownership of the money supply? This is the crucial question.

As an interesting corollary - there's a fascinating little quote from Nick Griffin (BNP leader) about this - he said something like 'they were fine with us, all our policies, until we said we'd take back control over the Bank of England'. We see this with the history of German fascism - they were fine with it, until it threatened the economic system on which global control depends.

As Churchill himself once said 'this war is not about the survival of democracy, it's not about defeating fascism, and it's certainly not about the jews - it's about the survival of global capitalism' (private correspondence with Roosevelt - I will have to dig up this quote, I've lost the reference so this is from memory).

Anyway - thanks for your reply! My basic point is that the coercion has to be something more than just 'we control the money' because that control could easily be taken away from the oligarchs.

So there is no equivalence between 'false binary' and 'they're all in it together' - on this, we are agreed!

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Regarding the issue of money by a so called government, you could ask the same for highly trained fighting machines in the armies of the countries, who allow themselves, despite heavily armed, to be bossed around by low life sewer creatures in suits, degenerate scum, soldiers usually despise.

In theory, they have the power to stop it all, like sending special commando forces to take out Oligarchs. Their locations are no secret, they fly regularly, could be intercepted, a drone missile fired at their place. But wait, this crap is all aimed at us, not the Oligarchs.

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Love of money is in their interest to comply. Love of life is in their interest to survive.

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I’ve come to the same conclusion. I remember when this system would have done anything to keep Russia and China apart. I also remember when leaders merely hinting they will price their natural resources in anything other than $$ would have been eliminated in no time. Now, Saudis are joining the BRICS block! None of these things would have happened if they were really going against the Western Imperial Oligarchy. The current track goes through “multi-polarity” through engineered “tensions” and the destruction of the West (to prevent rebellion) to their ultimate dream - the NWO, incorporating the Earth.

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Feb 14·edited Feb 15Liked by Iain Davis

"China maintains that for the world, there is only one system, which is the international system with the United Nations at its core, that there is only one order, which is the international order based on international law, and that there is only one set of rules, which is the basic norms governing international relations based on the purposes and principles of the UN Charter..."

A UN Charter that'll impose a "Pandemic Treaty" on the world's population designed to randomly declare a series of scamdemics coercing billions to be injected with a new mRNA toxic concoction which is ultimately intended to continually heighten the power of "Global biosecurity governance," as well as providing economic opportunities for pharmaceutical companies and all other ancillary industries eager to exploit humanity with a "medical IMF."

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Hi Charlotte. I remember you posting using Disqus and also posting on OffGuardian. It’s good to “see” you on Substack.

I noticed that you too had a short run in with the commenter “Ram”. I realize that it’s simply online drama, but sometimes posting about such things is a distraction from very serious geopolitics. (I used to post using the screen name “Mensch59”. I wasn’t to be taken seriously back then, nor now.) Cheers! 😊

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I got booted off Truthdig just before it collapsed.😁

PS More people should be a "mensh."

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Okay. That’s where I remember you from too. The commenter “Elizabeth Hayes” and you got (unjustly) banned from Truthdig, when we were commenting there using Disqus. Did you post on the Common Dreams comment section too?

Yeah. I agree with you that there ought to be more mensches. There seems to be a dearth of integrity and virtue these days. Heck, if I’m accused of virtue signaling, I might reply “I don’t have any spare virtue to signal with”. 😊

Thanks for the reply. It’s fun “seeing” you.

PS — for old times sake. My favorite Chris Hedges article on Truthdig. https://www.truthdig.com/articles/saying-goodbye-to-sam/ One of the best articles on friendship I’ve read.

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To tell you the "truth" Hedges did disappointi me during COVID. He simply went along with the official security state narrative, go figure.

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Oh yeah! A major disappointment. Like so, so many on the (so-called) “left” who are deeply closeted (?) statists. When I consider various labels, I’m more anarchistic than anything.

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I call them Chomsky gatekeepers. 😁

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Feb 14Liked by Iain Davis

Thank you Iain, it requires a certain detachment and clear thinking to be able to see the larger picture in geo politics. Although it does mean facing the dissolution of false hope or hopium.

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Feb 14Liked by Iain Davis

https://open.substack.com/pub/slavlandchronicles/p/putins-prophets-larry-johnson?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android&r=b7m4j this is a long but fascinating insight - cross posted by Edward Slavsquat (nice nom de plume). Love your work Iain

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Feb 14Liked by Iain Davis

This is again excellent! Iain is the man!

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Iian. This is needed. I’m sharing widely. The rock solid common sense arguments are well articulated. Fabio Vighi and others see this too.


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Feb 14Liked by Iain Davis

I agree with Iain. All governments are tied to Digital currency slavery, track tracing and Public Private Partnership scams among other pillars of malfeasance...Kman, editor, DIGILEAK News Not Noise

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So, what's the solution? Can we the masses stop this rolling Jugganath at this point, when most of the media-saturated masses will giggle at the very mention of the silly conspiracy theory of a New World Order? More and more are slowly emerging from their stupor, but many have been thoroughly trained such that they just shift from one ideology to another spouting the requisite buzzwords as defined by others. Can we hope to stop this?

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My suggestion is to be on the winning side when the final showdown takes place. It's a spiritual war in a physical world. The Good Book spills the beans on past, present and future stakes from an eternal perspective. That's my angle from personal experience: https://risingdawn360.substack.com/p/four-corners-of-the-earth-rediscovered

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I respect your faith, but I stopped relying on promises in old books I know were assembled to satisfy a political agenda. I've read yours more than most, and I prefer real-world action seasoned with the universal principles outlined by all deeply spiritual people over the millennia.

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I imagine you'll find out soon enough that you were being played by deeply spiritual provocateurs who serve the god of this real world, who hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them. Universal principles cannot save you. Christ, who died for your sins, can and will if you simply trust him. Your choice, his will.

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I am not being "played" by anyone, and that's an ironic accusation come from someone who obeys the dictates of spiritual "leaders" for no reason other than their title. The "glory of the gospel of Christ" was coopted 2000 years ago and replaced with the more useful interpretation of it created by Saul of Tarsus, the orthodox Jew transformed into Paul who then proceeded to impose his own cultural ideas onto the original message. Christ died to serve as example of how far we as humans should be prepared to go in the name of telling the truth. That's the difference between you and me. You read your book with an installed cognitive bias. I read it to learn. 🕊

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Well, your private interpretation of Scripture is clearly that. But, hey, being that we're on this forum I suspect if we were neighbors we would try to find things we could unite on rather than that which divides. Take care!

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TN Citizens for State Sovereignty - Tennessee Putting Teeth in the Tenth

Nullification is not only a state's right it is a state's duty and responsibility


Citizen Grand Juries

The only way to stop the tyranny is to begin at the local level


We're not in Kansas anymore, are we?

Oz is the abbreviation for ounce, the standard measure used for gold


Raid The Laundromat!

withdraw immunity from the Bank for International Settlements


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Yeah, well, good luck with that, bunky, when you discover how much of what you enjoy as given comes from being part of the Union, and you can't spend your state currency outside your borders.

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oops, I thought you were serious, not just a sucker-punching troll

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In the words of Frederick Douglass: "Agitate! Agitate! Agitate!"

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They don't care enough what we think for that to be effective, and laws are already in place criminalizing it as a threat to national security. Unless we come up with some effective direct action on multiple levels, they're just going to let the children have their tantrums because it keeps them occupied while the work gets done.

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Feb 14Liked by Iain Davis

RE: ...like claiming that professional boxers beating each other to a pulp proves the pugilists are determined to resist the international boxing federation.

To me this is pretty much the same as saying that capitalists may ruthlessly compete with each other but they are united in support of the capitalist system - and united in the manipulation, suppression, exploitation of the masses. Wars, for example, are historically the major method of making sweeping changes in society (social engineering) to the benefit of the ruling classes (to say nothing of their profitability).

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Feb 14·edited Feb 14Liked by Iain Davis

I agree with most of your arguments and look forward to your articles. But I don't entirely agree on one axis: values. I think there is a genuine pushback against materialist/mechanistic values and a push towards something more spiritual / romantic. Dugin has been wrestling with this for decades and is often cited as one of the philosophical progenitors of the multipolarity concept.

Of course his grand vision may not be what the movers and shakers making multipolarity happen actually have in mind. But the populist thrust in the US, for example, is genuine and not entirely due to oligarch mind control interference etc. People DO want their countries back. They want a more traditional world view back that includes some sense of human beings being below and within a larger cosmos, a larger order with elements of primordial wisdom, compassion, of sacredness which everyone feels in the love between man and wife, parent and child.

So perhaps I agree on the pragmatic level where materialists of all stripes are pushing for the SDG-CBDC world as you so well describe, but however hopeless, I believe there is a very real drive towards 'throwing the oligarchic bums' out.

What a mess, eh?

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Lovely post - I think one thing that is often overlooked in all these discussions is that any political or geopolitical system is only as good as the people in control of it. At the moment, we have monsters in control, so the system benefits them, not the people. It's entirely possible to imagine a MWO in which the central actors are benevolent.

To say that 'the system is the problem' is to take a fundamentally Marxist - i.e. STRUCTURALIST - point of view, in which 'human/individual agency' has no bearing. This is demonstrable BS - EVERYTHING that happens in the world, economically, politically, or otherwise, is a product of the actions/decisions of individuals, or groups of individuals (the globalist cabal).

Therefore, the solution is really very simple - replace the monsters/parasites with 'normal' people, who are instinctively benevolent, and they will naturally enact the right solutions. And that right solution is, clearly, early detection and ostracism of evil monsters (as was practiced by humanity for several hundred thousand years before the neolithic revolution, of course).

So, when we think about 'multipolarity' we need to think psychologically about the people who are pushing it. It's not 'multipolarity' that is the problem - it's the psychology of the people who govern it.

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I generally agree except that I think one has to be a bit more proactive than just allowing normal people free rein. Corridors of power intensify vectors of motivation which attract the buzzards of ambition who aspire to rule the roost and connive and deceive to do so. So a 'system' - which as you rightly say depends upon good people not its (ideologically based) structure - must work to protect and foster goodness in its people which by definition includes warding off vice/evil. Evil exploits good, that is its nature and modus operandi. This has to be guarded against proactively. Goodness cannot be complacent or naive, indeed goodness, to be truly good, must see into the heart of evil without succumbing to it otherwise it is mainly milquetoast posturing, performative goodness. Evil exploits but does not truly understand good, but good must fully understand evil and thus be able to prevail by not buying into its BS. For it is always BS.

Something like that. But I really liked what you said about STRUCTURALIST. That is a real insight, one that is insufficiently 'grocked' these days. (Because, by and large, the materialist-marxists won!)

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Yep. I understand what you say about 'normal people' - quite true. Normal people are simply not capable of governing. If they were, evil wouldn't stand a chance and wouldn't be in the ascendancy. Thus, we need 'extraordinary people' to govern - and a system of education capable of detecting them.

So, this can partly be solved by a perfect education system - this requires a much, much longer explique (which i'll be giving in my own substack (in the liberal socialism section) at a later date.

At the same time, education alone can't solve innate idiocy.

Yes, 'mechanisms of power' will attract buzzards - i.e. bad guys/monsters. This is, in fact, the story of humanity. After the agricultural/neolithic revolution, the limits of Dunbar's number (knowing everyone to 100% within a group of 150) started to impact, as communities enlarged, so that the monsters, pretending to be human (mimicry - 'evil always pretends to be good'), were able to escape the ostracism they'd faced for the last million years, and, by 5000 years ago, got into these positions of expertise and turned them into positions of authority.

I absolutely loved what you said about 'guarded against proactively' - the word proactively being the most important word. It is perfectly possible for humanity to develop such a system, in which every young person would be assessed accordingly, and all the monsters would be, quite frankly, exposed for crocodile food. Unfortunately, most humans are too squeamish for that kind of thing (if we're going to be mystical here, this is the secret of the success of Atlantis).

Goodness's fault is being too 'good' - or rather, it misunderstands 'good'. Good can actually mean, in the name of self-defence. violent elimination of evil. Evil understands this. Evil has thus manipulated humanity to make them think that 'elimination' itself is a bad thing. Thus, the bad guys survive. The 'final solution' has been associated with 'nazis', after all.

This is going to end up being a really, really long thread!

I'm going to end this comment now, for that very reason! Otherwise I'll be here forever!

I'll just say, the story I'm writing (see my substack) has this precise idea at its heart. The central character will come across as a 'bad guy' but actually, as it turns out, she's ultimately good, just that she acts as someone that Dostoyevsky's Raskolnikov would call an 'extraordinary person'. Thus, she is misunderstood.

And that way lies dramatic narrative.

And, yes, I foresee I'm going to get into real trouble with it too!


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Fair enough! I've subscribed. Today I started a new series on my own (very small, unread) substack called 'Layers and Levels' which will go through different ways of viewing phenomena, systems and suchlike informed by several decades in Buddhist study and practice in an attempt to apply that sort of perspective to everyday and modern situations. The main idea, I think, is that although everything is indeed fundamentally simple and straightforward, it is not in the way we tend to conceptualize; in the latter case we oversimplify incorrectly and end up missing how even the simplest phenomonon, including an idea, involves limitless interconnections-relationships. So the idea will be to just take a look at different ways of looking things in ways with which perhaps some are not familiar.

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Ditto. I had a friend who did some I-ching a while ago, although he went a bit, erm, well, best not say (nothing to do with the i-ching, he was just a little fascist). Personally I don't think he really understood the holistic balance peace etc.; this is a seriously another story so I've just deleted what I wrote about it!

Personally I'm more of a tarot person (yes, I' do have the Crowley Thoth deck and I would advise anyone NOT to use it - it's seriously dark). I usually use the Cat People deck - they're lovely. I am aware that once the NWO types have been eliminated, humanity will be going back to learn their innate connections with the land and the system.

But there will be a necessary trauma to get there.

Not my fault! They brought it on themselves by tolerating evil.

Sorry, I'm listening to Slowdive at the moment and it's seriously affecting my brain.

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Douguin is a well known satanist on board for the paneurope fot a long time. Only delusions there. Very popular otherwise. This kremlin fsb owned is also very popular within France because of the norrow views of some Putin multipolar ass likin' commentators. I do not buy that rotten pie at that at any price. This is Pierre-Antoine Plaquevent and Lucien Cerise achilean eels.

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I personally do not trust the multipolarism movement as described, but mainly because of the surprisingly lockstep way so many different civilizations followed obviously questionable procedures during Covid. It indicates to me a superstructure organizational dynamic that the 'manager class inertia' argument doesn't quite explain. That said, Dugin's argument for the rise of civilizational states enjoying national and cultural sovereignty is deeply thought out and worthy. Whether the multipolarists are sincerely following his aspirations or doing something quite different, albeit with the same name, remains to be seen. Personally I suspect that if all nations start adopting CBDC's and BIS remains involved or in charge of them, as is currently the case I believe, then the One World System fix is in. Time will tell.

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Spot on Iain, thanks

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A great article about China and their fake opposition "socialism".


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yes, people keep telling me that everyone there has health coverage.

but as here, coverage is not care.

it's nice if a trip to the emergency room doesn't bankrupt you, but it sounds like most people can't really afford "care" for anything else.

i also read on Bloomberg that the estimate is that 8% of the population (their "middle class) owns 50% of all assets, and are complaining when those assets fail to grow and earn returns. granted, the article expressed that the country is very opaque and thus they had to do this research using online info and estimates. but this sounds just like here.

they also claim their government is a "true meritocracy". i wonder what the party members own, or how connected they are to their own oligarchy.

their culture believes in heirarchy and oppressing those under you, just as ours does. they just do it openly because it is a cultural expectation, whereas here they tried to tell us we are all the same and then that we have to "put up or shut up" because money is the token of merit.

i am still not seeing much difference here. they are running industrial capitalism, so of course they have better infrastructure and so forth. so did we, when we ran that kind of capitalism. it didn't mean our workers weren't oppressed. it just meant that we claimed we would eventually get everyone a new toaster & washing machine.

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Multipolar is not better per se, just a different system. Whether it is good or bad, only time will tell. Whatever systems form around us are a reflection of current levels of consciousness of the masses, it can't get any better until we all change. Don't forget behemoths such as Vanguard or Blackrock straddle the globe and operate regardless of whatever systems are in place.

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