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Good article, thanks Iain. I am beginning to witness a few muggles waking up to reality here openly saying the rise in strokes is caused by the sacred jab. I hope they also come round to realising the full enormity of all the evil perpetrated by these scumbags soon . Full spectrum disobedience is the only way to put an end to this madness

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"Full Spectrum Disobedience" !!! This is really a Great concept , and the more needed action to practice!!! thanks.

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The stroke story is hinted at in main stream media, so I doubt it's true.

I suspect the real story is the opposite. Not that vaccinated people are dying, but that unvaccinated people are not dying. This means that the pandemic was not real.

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Vaccinated people are dying and at greater numbers than the average and more than the unvaccinated. Not surprising when you see the contents of the syringes. They vary wildly but that shows the callousness of those behind them.

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The sad thing is that you are right but even if you would stand in a middle of a crowded square, explaining this to a huge crowd of "normal, tax-paying citizens" they would shrug shoulders and say, "I can't do anything about it".

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In the Dutch independence war (the Eighty Years' War) the Dutch sold all manner of goods, including weapons, to their enemy Spain. Yet few people would argue that the Dutch and the Spanish were in league.

When it evaluates delivering oil to Bulgary, Russia would not blindly look at the single aspect of fuel for Ukraine's military. Russia would line up alternatives and evaluate them. Ukraine has other sources for oil than just Russia. And Russia values a good relation with Bulgary and the oil income. Likewise, the EU may not like Russian oil deliveries, but still approve them as long as they can use it for the Ukraine military.

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I agree, there are many considerations that the Russian government would surely have made before allowing one of their own corporations to sell fuel to the military it is fighting.

I don't know much about the Eight Year's war but I don't doubt you are right. But all that rather illustrates my point. If nation states and private enterprises from combatant countries can do business together why do those same countries wage war on each other?

In the case of the Eight Year War this was a battle between a ruling occupier and nationalists who were supported by the emergent Dutch state. You could sort of argue that the situation is broadly similar in Ukraine. Much like the established Dutch provinces did business with Spain, so it seems Russian corporations are permitted to continue doing business with Ukraine while Russia provides support for its new oblasts.

But the fact that people from the combatant nations are doing business makes a mockery of the mass slaughter that is occurring simultaneously, supposedly in their name. Clearly business leaders from each state can work together and yet governments and political leaders are seemingly incapable of the same. Resorting instead to wholesale murder.

How can these two facets coexist? I suggest it indicates that the political class in both countries are the problem.

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Trading one moment and fighting the next is entirely natural. It wouldn't surprise me if Russian and Ukrainian soldiers set up a cigarette for clothing trade.

And it would be very hard for a central government to stop that. There's an interesting article on Off-Guardian today "Follow the Leader" https://off-guardian.org/2023/02/11/follow-the-leader/ Following that line of thinking, perhaps you are placing the political class on a pedestal? They are not gods.

The driver for this war is the hunger for material wealth emanating from NATO populations. The world agreed to direct their hunger to Russia. This certainly rhymes with history.

The result will be a powerful and well trained Russian army, a depopulated Ukraine waiting for development, and NATO that is exposed as an outdated military force. This outcome is not endangered by powering Ukrainian tanks with Russian oil.

Of course, that's just my current simplified model of the underlying reality, influenced by your own writing. Thanks for your thought provoking articles!

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Napoleon's armies uniforms were manufactured in Gloucestershire throughout their war with Britain. This game is very old

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When I started to try understanding the "pandemic" early in 2020, I naturally thought this was geo politics at play. I have gone a full circle. Looking through all the chat on the details, what if Putin is a Rothschild/UK/EU banking cartel puppet? Henry Kissinger and Putin go back to the 1990s.

If this banking cabal are working with the CCP too, then surely they are on both sides of the "war"? Not for the first time in history.

The agenda suits both sides because if it didn't they would not be leaders. The plan appears to be to diminish US and Europe and transfer power to the east. US technology has been transferred over the years to China (via Israel) as the multi polar world order is rolled out. Just as the old financial system needs to be dismantled and built back as a digital currency.

The United Nations came into being in 1945. It was founded, funded, chartered, and established under the auspices of the oil and banking Rockefeller family. There are strong connections between some of these very rich and powerful dynasties that go back years and who is to say they are not pulling the strings of this push to a New World Order?

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Thanks Ian to continue remembering this raw and elemental true: it is all a cruel and decrepit theater piece, and it is not -and never was- what the MSM claim it is. We must all stop to follow this uncreative, deadly and bore script. Civil desobedience, develop an own perception of reality , and beginning to write a new script are imperative.

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Well after reading this, it's clear the Putin is therefor playing in the same game, benefitting his wealthy supporters whilst sacrificing the citizens.

Why else has he not got rid of the vaccine industrial complex in Russia?

While I understand that, I also understand that countries have a right to defend themselves from aggression of external threats. It's the difficulty of seeing through the fog of war. I.e., the politics surrounding it.

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NATO is the future armed forces of the One-World Globalist Fascist Oligarchy. Once the USA has been abolished as an independent sovereign nation-state, and once the US Constitution has been abolished, then the Globalist Fascist Oligarchy can finally implement their New World Order. All militaries of former independent sovereign nation-states will be merged under “NATO” chain-of-command that will go up to the City of London, not the UN.

Command-and-Control over the One-World military will be vested in the Globalist Fascist Oligarchy headquartered in the City of London.

The Globalist Fascist Oligarchy is comprised of the European Royalty, Black Nobility, Rothschild Banksters, Corporate Fascists, and the Vatican.





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Wars will continue to be fought until the Anglo-American Imperialists, now Globalist Fascist Oligarchy, either succeed in their quest to abolish the US as an independent sovereign nation-state with a Constitution that protects citizens’ liberty, rights, and property ownership, or by some miracle the Globalist Fascist Oligarchy are eradicated off of the face of the Earth once and forevermore!

Right now, we freedom-loving “Constitutionalists” are stuck in the unenviable predicament of being the target for destruction by BOTH the Globalist Fascist Oligarchy and the China-Russia Socialist Surveillance State Technocracy.

Either way, the future looks like a neo-feudalistic tyranny where the Old World European Royalty, Black Nobility, Rothschild Banksters, and Corporate Fascists own everything, and “We their Serfs” are reduced to a life of servitude and begging for favors and permissions.

It’s only taken 500 years, but the Venetians will finally have won their War of Conquest on humanity!








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Thank you for shining a light on this.

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Tolstoy wrote about it in the epilogue of War And Peace in 1864

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Former US Congressman Dr. Ron Paul, who spent his career warning about the Federal Reserve, said it is NOT a coincidence that we have had a century of central banking and a century of wars. And the masters of war are the central bankers:

Mike Rivero's All Wars are Bankers Wars https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BrKf9nYeXT0

Bill Still's The Money Masters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDlnM481Gcg&t=668s (a follow the money approach to history, going back to Rome, then Bank of England, how Rothschilds took over Europe and then America with the Federal Reserve, you will understand how and why we have wars and who ultimately benefits) If you don't have time for the documentary, just reading the quotes here will give a sense of how the corrupt and evil system of enslavement works: https://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Banks/Money_Masters_quotations.html

A History Of Central Banking And The Enslavement Of Mankind - Stephen Mitford Goodson https://archive.org/details/a-history-of-central-banking-and-the-enslavement-of-mankind-pdfdrive/page/n9/mode/2up

And they will probably stage another false flag to get the sheep up for more war:

September 11: The New Pearl Harbor (Full Documentary) https://www.bitchute.com/video/Lp81hoFneM4z/ (5 hr documentary that destroys all aspects of the official narrative). They lied about 9/11 to get the fake global war on terror going and they will lie again to start WW3.

Here are a few others on our hidden history, the bankers, the wars and how they are orchestrated:



Benjamin Freedman's 1961 Speech at the Willard Hotel https://www.bitchute.com/video/exi1Ceh2Mam1/ (this goes over the real history and behind the scenes intrigue that got America into WW1--Freedman knows because he was there- he was an assistant to Bernard Baruch, yesterday's Soros (Rothschild agent). He finally got sick of these people and broke with them- he became a Catholic and spent the rest of his life warning about these people and their plans.



The international banking families were able to take over the world by getting control of national currencies: "They Own It All (Including You) By Means of Toxic Currency" http://newpeopleorder.com/

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Hi Iain,

Sorry to butt in and drag you off topic but it is my birthday and I claim the right to be demanding!

Please check your email for a message from me!

It concerns Green Totalitarianism in Canada.

Love ya long time! xx

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Solid, as always, Iain. I want to thank you for filling in some the gaps in my historical knowledge, specifically re: the balkanization of the former Yugoslavia... In Canada we grew up with this narrative of being the good guys because we were peacekeepers or whatever, and Bosnia was an example of our international altruism. Why am I not surprised to find out that that was a load of hooey?

I also loved your work on Gladio... personally I feel like Gladio is a smoking gun that people don´t talk about enough... Its incontrovertible proof that we are living in an alternate reality to the official reality promoted through school, MSM, academia, etc...

I personally find that looking at pipleines, rail lines, transmission lines, highways, and megaprojects to be more instructive in understanding geopolitics than at listening to what politicians or media spin doctors have to say... So I like your focus on infrastructure. Very helpful. I like hard facts... really I feel like understanding geopolitics is like playing pin the tail on the donkey... were all blindfolded and fumbling about and trying to come up with an explanation that fits the observable facts...

Sorry, I guess Im assuming that people in other countries have played pin the tail on the donkey... Do other people know what Im talking about?

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On a related note, can we expect a comment from you about the new Seymour Hersh piece about Nord Stream soon, Iain? Seems like this is your beat...


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