For a thorough history and understanding of Technocracy, I highly recommend Patrick Wood’s website:


Begin with “Quick Start:”


Scroll down the Home Page and read through

“Patrick Wood’s 12 Days of Technocracy”

Scroll down to the bottom of the website to the “Topics” section for just about everything and anything you never wanted to know about the Globalist Fascist Oligarchy’s war on personal Liberty & Rights.

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The greatest impediment blocking the USA from becoming a technocracy is the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Although the Globalists have been chipping away at the Constitution ever since the advent of the Progressive movement in the late 1800s, they just can’t seem to bring about its demise. Tell me Iain, what must the Globalists do to abolish the US Constitution and Bill of Rights once and forevermore? I believe that one of the Globalist’s first and most pressing challenges is to defeat Trump’s “America First - Make America Great Again - Patriot” grassroots movement. The Globalist’s persecution and prosecution of Trump only make Trump out to be a martyr for the citizens who want to preserve their personal Liberty & Rights. The walls are definitely closing in, but what event will finally push America over the edge to abolish the US Constitution and adopt the UN-WEF Agenda 21/2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), will force citizens to submit to Digital ID and CBDC and a Social Credit Score System, and will force all businesses to comply with the Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) dictates in order to get bank loans and financial investments?

Rise and evolution of the Progressive Administrative State:

Progressives created the teaching of Political Science as a method to replace Constitutionalism (elected representatives) with the Administrative State (unelected bureaucratic experts).

Frank Johnson Goodnow (1859-1939) was an American professor of administrative law and political science, a university president, and a progressive social reform advocate. Cofounder and first elected president of the American Political Science Association, he is considered the "father of public administration."


Unmasking the Administrative State: The Crisis of American Politics in the Twenty-First Century.

By John Marini, edited by Ken Masugi.

The collection of essays provides a critical analysis of how the administrative state has undermined America’s constitutional order and threatens to replace self-government with the rule of unaccountable experts.



The Birth of the Administrative State: Where It Came From and What It Means for Limited Government


The Administrative State:


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