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Early on in the "pseudopandemic", I was clutching for straws as I felt so isolated in my suspicions. I found Peter Hitchens was one of the few speaking up and I even corresponded with him about the mad lockdowns and "vaccines". But then I read his piece in The Daily Mail "So sorry, Your Majesty, but I have had my first Covid vaccination for wholly selfish reasons. I did not do it for the good of others but for my own convenience. And I will have my second for the same purpose.

A very important part of my family now lives abroad and I am deeply tired of not being able to see them.

I get the strong sense that any sort of travel, and plenty of other things, will be impossible if I don’t have the necessary vaccine certificate".

Despite his excuses and begging for forgiveness, I could not give him the time of day anymore. He had let us down. He had led me up the garden path then shut the gate in my face, leaving me even more alone than before.

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Peter Hitchens is a Cuckservative legacy media establishment lackey, always has been.

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Yes, I see that now.

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Spot on.

Social Death by Stealth. The gaslight brigade 77B are petty sadists, criminally minded and traitors not just to the UK but human-kind. Witchcraft 'with malicious intent' is a fairer practice than what they get up to (actually I will have to consider that a bit more..)

Hitchens 🙄😎😂 ..wot a hypocritical shill... I bet he'll have a good chuckle about his self reflective comments in the Daily Mill with his bondage buddies this weekend ,when he gets strapped up in the dungeon , and punished as the naughty boy he can't escape.

He lost all credibility when he just accepted the jib-jab-nano vax (or did he really?) , What an opportunity for him to question the prevalent and dubious germ theory behind it all. Or at least discuss the history of vaccine safety & Pizers massive fine for 'malpractice'.. how can so much money be fined for a CRIME and NO-ONE serves any jail-time ?

If only one of the endless near-miss meteorites (we are terrorised with every few weeks now) would veer towards 'that place GuyFaukes fancied' and left a mark that said - ' the cosmos has had enough of you, mend your rancid ways', or some such & the like ?

I'm always getting banned and super trolled by 77B.(& their ilky kin) Hopefully I've invoked several of them to retire prematurely, or have a long vacation on the moors . FB recently banned me for a month for writing ''TW*T''' to someone -not twit or twat, but tw*t .. the mind boggles what they can get hysterical and find offense with next.

Keep up the great work of passionate, insightful & pertinent articles Iian - its greatly apricated .

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Hitchens bitchins are always good for a laugh. He fancies himself another one of these dissident 'tips of the spear'. We already have far too many of those on Substack, he needs to join the queue.

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Lol. I'm getting really pissed off with the heroes we are given. It's so boring.

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Attention seekers who invariably intentionally lead us astray? Don Quixotes battling all the wrong enemies, kicking up a big fuss, yelling "Look at ME, ME, ME?" - we have seen so many of them now.... I am REALLY GOOD as ignoring them. It is a zen thing! 😇

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yup.. The Hitchens family were always a bad bet.

His brother Christopher used to write sharp, insightful things before 911, then volt-faced and made it obvious MIss 6 (or somesuch) were dangling his carrot and shoding his tiny eager hooves.

He went from a notable commentator to being a sadly hilarious braying ass overnight ...

The Hitchens seem to come from a family of frolicking little ponies, dancing from left to right, while disappearing over the hill. with their gaze navigated overseas.

And just watch Russell Brand do the pied piper trick in the next few years as well.

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Surely Russell Brand has made himself totally obvious by now? How can anyone stand his squealing and unnecessarily complex vocabulary? He is not your typical Essex bloke, at all..... which might explain why he doesn't live there any more!

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I agree- yet the 'incredible statistics' seem to show him with near 6 million subs.

Like most of these hyper clowns he has said NOTHING original, or not already 'exposed' in the public domain by others who often don't get any credit or exposure. Parasites behave parasitically after all.

Brand is actually from quite connected/wealthy stock and his dad is a sharp & successful man.

Brand is also quite sharp, articulate and erudite, often with insightful and potent comments- yet the fact he squeals it all out while gesticulating like a nympho in heat,while100% smug, gloating and 'rubbing our noses in it' at the same time makes many of us find him utterly repulsive. He also has some inane hippy-shit philosophy of 'niceness' that is comical, yet insidious.

When folk like him proudly claim to be doing this work because they love children , alarm bells should be ringing...... When I was working in the music industry he was sometimes found giving head in the toilets to all comers , and non-of them were women, so he is certainly capable of playing both sides - as it were.

Maybe we should be thankful that the controlled opposition is so crass & blatant these days?

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Ew, the vision of him doing such things in toilets is spew-worthy. I am not surprised you haven't forgotten that little insight! 😱

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The origins of the government takeover and collusion of the intelligence apparatus with the mainstream media goes back to the Imperial Press Conference in 1909.



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It seems to me you have got into a tangle of missed opportunities with the whole area of anarchism as your knowledge is weak to say the least and your research needs to begin without assuming you know anything.

The same goes for real democracy that you are truly ignorant of, study this: https://off-guardian.org/2022/04/15/democracy-is-dead-long-live-democracy/

Hope the link works. Oh also the language you use betrays a hint of self-loathing so please stop spreading it

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Great to have called out this pompous, arrogant Mary Whitehouse worshiper, who if he believed in value would not work for the MSM who are nothing more than bullhorns of the State.

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Hi Iain.

Follow most of your work and essential reading it is for all -could you read some of my stuff too as :

objet : Substack Free subscription.


I'm in the process of getting my first book completed and then finding a publisher and "substack" could be a means to aid my vision or so I hope. This book is a type of picaresque moving from nonfiction to fiction using the genres of prose, poetry and theatre as a surreal vehicle for the strangeness of being alive.

In the meantime, I will be writing stuff published by Substack about a cocktail of subjects but a lot on geopolitics, education, and culture as it grabs me by the throat and shakes me out of the malaise that can infect all of us at times. This could happen about every 2 weeks or so

I wish you all the best and hope that you can check Substack out and my book: "Adventures on the Road" when it finally circumnavigates the establishment.

All ideas are very welcome from you.



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Good luck with the work Robin.

The Anarchists were indeed the catalysts for much that is now attributed to other 'revolutionary' movements. The 'philosophy' many assume Anarchism entails should be taught in schools as you mention.

However, you will save yourself and your readers much time and energy by finding the connections between all these influential folk, the entrenched families that Navigate the piece on the chess-board. Just like the Hitchin brothers above , BOTH sides are 'a game' of polarities and fashions.

The Anarchists were not immune to such mechanisations either, they (were) just the most radical and undermining of all the others (it may seem). Yet, are we not effectively in an ANARCHIST 'state' (ahem) - where the BIGGEST GANGS wield power and are above any laws - the biggest Gangs being the most 'established FAMILIES and their tentacles).

You will find the same chains of influences among the even more radical DADAists and Surrealist movement into the excellent work of the Situationists.

Personally I find no-one has much valid insight into these matters if they haven't referenced the DEATH & MUTILATION CULTS (ie Martial Cults- circumcision and sodomy as control bases etc) that actually manage the circus. Once that primary fact is in focus all the silly fashions and personalities are seen for what they are - Time Vampire Distractions.

Maybe some research into the descendants of CAIN /ie the Phoenicians would give you a better foundation in what is really going on, after all they are the fundamental mediators for the past 2,000 years ?

I hope that helps any deep researchers & genuine scholars out there.

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Thanks for your insight Ram and much of what you say makes sense.

If we were in an anarchist state though there would be real democracy with no oligarchs or plutocrats.

That is the spine of anarchy even if there has been and is a lack of solidarity that distorts and deletes the life cycle of freedom/self-management. Its history has only one reality vis-a-vis without adjectives except for libertarian communism.

I shall look into the Phoenicians who sound intriguing while writing more on the vast territory that is anarchism and the crux of our existence, natural law that trumps all gangs, tribes or families into the 2nd rate players they truly are. Thanks for your input.

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The oligarchs/ aristocrats are just gangsters too DOMESTICATED to have to act directly hence they have their espionage & security agencies. This system is now older than 2,000 years. Democracy is really Domestication with an illusion of choice.

More research will show the Anarchists to be bed-fellows of the same FAMILIES they propose to usurp.

The most notable example of this (sad,sick) GAME is the fact that powerful 'Jewish' families were the Nazis, Hitler & co were related to & working for, while culling their COMPETITION among other wealthy families. All the 'movers and players' retain the SYMBOLISM of the most ancient CULTS ....

What does the EAGLE chick do to survive its kin... Why are the offspring of the PHEONIX called worms ?

Have fun, and try not to waste your own time or others , there's more than enough to keep folk distracted and dim these days.

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