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Besides the ample evidence for a false flag here and in Richard Hall's anslysis, I hope everyone also noticed the "strange coincidence" of the number repetition here - it happened on the 22nd of the month, 22 people reported killed, during her 22nd song, the supposed "terrorist" was 22 years old, Martin Hibbert was "reportedly" struck by 22 pieces of sharpnel..

Mossad's favorite numerology games all over again (like in numerous other cases) and part of their frequent and vast false flag 'islamic terror' operations https://swprs.org/ari-ben-menashe-on-israeli-black-operations/

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Much like the recent US military where 3 were killed in Yemen or was it Syria? (was it room/building or similar 22) getting the 322 skull and bones reference in too.

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Regarding the repeated number 22:

As Miles Mathis has suggested (see here: http://mileswmathis.com/occult.pdf ), and I kind of agree with him, whenever we see 'occult' we should rather see 'intelligence'. Given the psychology of these evil creatures, they do like to leave calling cards to each other, as if to say 'we did this'.

The London bombings are the most obvious, taking place on 7-7-7 (2005 = 2+5=7), 777 of course being a book by notorious secret agent Aleister Crowley.

I believe the Madrid bombings took place on 11 March - so that's 11x3=33.

9-11, 9x11 = 99 which is 3x33.

And so on.

The other reason for these calling cards is, of course, to act as a honeypot. This is where we go into the 'hybrid' operation idea, in which a genuine attack (albeit in the case of Manchester either a LIHOP, let it happen on purpose, or a remote control device with Abedi being the 'agent'/patsy) is intermixed with red herrings and anomalies to attract the conspiracy theorists - who can then be either debunked or sued and discredited and so on (as we've seen with Richard Hall). It's also a nice conduit for cognitive infiltrators.

But it should be remembered also that we are dealing with very evil psychopaths here, who take pleasure out of inflicting pain, especially on children and young people. In the case of Manchester, this is like telling the next generation about the 'reality of terrorism' - they will then neurologically reinforce the trauma on each other via social media, MK-Ultra style.

Manchester also took place during the 2017 general election of course and they needed to discredit Jeremy Corbyn.

In the case of Manchester, the number 22 here would also refer to the major arcana in the tarot, of which there are 22. Furthermore, each of the 78 tarot cards can be assigned their own number. In this case, 22 is 'the Fool'.

The fool, here, would refer to quite a few things - 1/ the patsy, 2/ the general public being fooled, and 3/ the young people who were the target of the attack.

That's extremely interesting about it being the 22nd song in the setlist - once I've posted this I'll have to do a quick research. Thanks for the setlist link btw, I'll have a look at the lyrics and if possible a video to see if there's any suspicious imagery in it. My current thought is that the 4/ for the fool is Ariana Grande herself, especially if, like a lot of manufactured pop stars, she's another Monarch. She wouldn't have had a need to know about the operation, however, just for the record. There are, after all, spooks reading these articles and checking out the comments. Obviously they're a little shy so they won't be acknowledging that, but rest assured they will be enjoying my little musings. So long as they don't think I'm a threat. I'm not. Honest.

On that note I really don't know why they get so panicky and anxious about the likes of us who can read all their machinations and who understand the dark arts of espionage/occult. It's not as if the general public are going to listen, let alone act on it. So they are quite safe, really, all these spooks...

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what a load of crap written by someone with no real clue about GEMATRIA or the Tarot

The fool is 0 - it is the jOKER


(numbered as 21 ,yet the 22 card. Here is an example why COLOEL in Gematria is essential & proves its validity. The Earth is almost always associated with the sum of 4 - matter/manifestation in almost all cultures- for example on this card around the wreath are four figures (a lion, bull, cherub and eagle) .

The Key is the Laurel Wreath, familiar in symbols of Fascism/BINDING

also The dancing archetype of the woman has great overtones to the concert.

The 'world' is correspondent to COMPLETENESS & HARMONY- a CYCLE of EVENTS.

And that is why 33 is evoked- due to a certain period of the Suns 'orbits' over a fixed time.

The 99 reduces to 18 which is CHAI- in Hebrew (good luck) , and according to Mathis signifies INTEL OPS/Mossad interference - it probably is - yet importantly reduces to 9 the most dynamic of numbers and representative of the Ennead.

There is no point discussing it here- it will be simply ignored or abused .

Everlyin' has again proven to be a disingenuous commentator.

Even it were the FOOL as she claims, she missed the most important and resonant aspect of such an archetype, proving to any knowledgeable person on this topic that she doesn't comprehend it- in fact, just like she has no idea of the folk-lore of the Elder SHRUB/TREE , as she glaring displayed in her terrible short fiction/biography/dribble of whimsy.

She also distracts and misses the REAL reasons.

The idea that she comprehends the occult symbolism on this is laughable.

All the numerology she used (without mention or credit) is from Nick Kollerstroms mini overview on his web site for those interested.

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"Manchester also took place during the 2017 general election of course and they needed to discredit Jeremy Corbyn."

The most hilarious part of a hilarious comment.

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I'm intuiting that you're new to the job - if so, welcome aboard!

There was another conveniently timed 'terrorist attack' during the 2019 election campaign too, if I recall. The timing is important for these things of course.

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Some believe the Boston Marathon Bombing was a false flag...


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There is a great documentary on this. Absolute fakery.

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Again see RDH’s analysis of it and you’ll see that it was

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Dave McGowan's last big expose on Caravan to Midnight back in 2014 is what really really woke me up.

There were two people in buildings right at the finish line who started snapping pictures when the bomb went off so we essentially have a visual record of all the fakery.

Once you see that it is absurdly obvious.

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It was

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I love Richie Allen warts and all but felt disappointed in his interpretation, which seems tempered by a grudge from years ago. I have sent him comments directly and mentioned Halls Jo Cox analysis too. Shame

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The Jo cox scam was another load of bullshit that I flagged straight away.

I didn’t even know this so called incident had happened until my mother rung to tell me, I told her it wasn’t possible and was as dodgy as saville himself.

How would I know this you ask? Well I was home sat in my living room that day and not a single police car with sirens or flashing light passed my house.

You might think why would it matter, well I’ll tell you why it matters about the lack of response flying past my home. Just down the road they built a shiny new police headquarters which houses not just normal beat Bobby’s but the armed, bomb , dog, horse police and to top it off the police helicopter which never flew over our house like it always does when searching for a suspect.

The shortest most direct route went directly past my home to where this so called farcical incident was supposed to have happened. I told my mother at the time they hadn’t passed so not to be surprised that they’d either done her in on a special ops or she was being relocated.

They need to sway public opinion and what a better way than going down the white male far right supremacy theme as a threat to democracy and the public.

It became even more obvious it was a stunt when they rolled her family out to greet the public who shook hands enthusiastically while smiling and not a single puffy red swollen face or eye between them.

I don’t know about anyone else on here but if one of my siblings had just been offed so tragically a public meet and greet would be the last thing on my mind to be doing.

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And the ambulance took her "body" miles away. Took the piss with black hat white hat on CCTV too

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Something strange with Richie Allen on this one. He is using the old 'I know someone' chestnut. Is it a 'controlled' opinion? He is good mates with Icke, another one with certain 'controlled' opinions.

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Not sure, doubt it but Richie can be curmudgeonly about other things too. I dropped the NZ Whisteleblower Barry story and he dismissed it. He does not act or followup on some info.

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yep, agreed

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I am proud of you Iain, for sticking by Richard on this matter. Thank you for your attention to the details and for observing the stitch up that has been pulled on Richard.

I am with you both, all the way.

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Appreciated Frances. If the "independent" media can't smell blood in the water on this ham-fisted false flag, then I question why they exist. The lack of support for Hall has been an extremely deafening silence.

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Cowardice in the face of a protection racket smells exactly like this. Bravery requires us to feel no fear of the enemy and, unfortunately, the fearless are few and far between.

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they are either

1- incompetent

and unable to grasp the massive importance of what this REPRESENTS AND ENTAILS regarding freedom of expression, thought, journalism, investigative research, freedom of movement and 'reasonable' social interaction (civil liberties).

It would facilitate any 'complete control' excuse or agenda for 'the MIC/Government' , while intimidating debate and variety of thought.

2- 'controlled'

in as much as they have their niche and 'market' and do not wish to jeopardise that predictable enclave.

Or two-faced scum who are well aware they are playing a game of cemented antagonism and arbitrary division.

3- aware it is not a 'real trial' ,Hall is acting his part like Alex Jones and other fall guys.

In which case it would usually infer they are controlled ops 'in on the joke' .

Even so, this case should have been mentioned by ALL researchers/investigators/commentators who highlight and expose the ceaseless tactics of oppression used against the public.

No decent person would not be supporting R.D.Halls fight in court on this matter (if it is genuine), even if they hated Hall. It is not about his 'personality' or (not unreasonable) actions, it is about BASIC RIGHTS and expectations of conduct- we should all be allowed to question unsupported assertions. we all have the right to confront what we consider liars; whatever their social status and connections.

I don't like Hall (various reasons) though I appreciate his efforts and do recommend some of his works. His work on this using UK Critical Thinkers (and others) original material is excellent. The interactive video a wonderful idea and fabulous tool for other researchers.

Richie Allen is only good due to some of his guests.

His 'logo' gives his designation and agenda away, a cartoon clown descended from the BBC test card image for children's telllie-vision.

Richie Allen is a shallow poseur in a quagmire of envy (over R.D.Hall + others) and adolescent anger married with media impotency.

His audience ratings have haemorrhaged in the past few years, they were always massively inflated and he is over promoted as an alternative. His real audience was always about a few hundred ( I did research in this back in 2020/21) . His comments section is predominantly fake/sycophants and policed by his own trolls (him under an alias or two).

His massive narcissism and limited scope handicap him, so that he is only good for indignation and preaching to the already converted. He can not grasp and run with ideas that undermine his inherent reactionary disposition.

The interview with Nick (who was rather wet and insipid in the interview,sadly) is highly recommended, Richie ('titchy & tetchy' was his nickname in school) lets himself go.

What an incredible hypocritical petty bigot and utter eeejit , missing the importance and point of it all.

On he rattled , perched on his wobbly podium; 'The poor suffering children.......... being stalked by the fake journalist Richard D Hall........not like me, a proper journalist AND DJ, oh yes, indeed, who knows the top pop picks to spin in between the endless tales of misery and woe...... next up is a song we can all relate to , it's SPAGNA with CALL ME, so pick up the phones and let's talk some shite and waste time as usual''

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We have to wonder though, Frances, why it's taken almost seven years for this expose to go just a little bit mainstream. Being a psyop, it had all the typical hallmarks at the getgo (as indicated in the article) and lots of noname YouTubers worked it out at the time as I did myself. UK Critical Thinker did truly excellent videos on it - this is a 75-minute one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRj9K0OCBNE Why does it take so long?

This was a comment I got on my post on the subject:

"I have a cousin who lives in Greater Manchester and an ex-colleague of his reckoned his son was at the event. However,

1. his son was seen at a pub at the same time the explosion went off, wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt, yeah, metal fans love that r'n'b love, miles away from the event,

2. the police drop'd their case against him shortly afterwards for fraud,

3. his dad got a new car (SUV), which he couldn't afford previously being on minimum wage."

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It looks like a carbon copy of the case against Alex Jones over Sandy Hook, doesn't it? In which case, it isn't about the Manchester bombing event. It is about extracting financial solvency from Richard D Hall and destroying his reputation and life.

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Jones was playing a role, the trial of him is fake/staged theatre.

It implies this trial is a media event and Hall is playing his role as a scapegoat.

this also implies how stitched up the alternative media are with controlled ops , in on the game, or consolidated into silence.

Has Jones life and rep been destroyed? The only damage is is own backtracking and lack of integrity.

This court case has made R.D.Hall a MORE sympathetic person to all reasonable people. Whatever the outcome the court et al make a profit.

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It does look a bit of a carbon copy but, if it is, what that means is that it's all staged. Alex Jones is controlled opposition and I'm a little suspicious of this whole thing. RDH thrashes it out with Richie Allen, the designated "controlled opposition" while he's painted as the genuine one but why not both of them being actors in the charade? The thing is that it is so very, very obviously fake I cannot see how the crisis actors involved would dare take a genuine caller out to court. How would they dare? It's exposed at every turn because it's all done Revelation of the Method style so it doesn't seem to make sense for these people to take someone to court. Really, I'm just thinking it through now and it seems to me as though it has to be staged ... but maybe not, I guess I cannot be sure exactly how these things work.

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Richie Allen is under someone's control, that has been evident for a long time, which is why I stopped listening to him.

I think RDH is genuine and is being prosecuted as an example to us all to back off from revealing the fakery. Crisis actors are just pawns in the game, probably well paid to perform in court.

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Sure, the crisis actors are pawns in the game and when I spoke of crisis actors taking him to court that was a bit silly because of course it wouldn't be at their initiation, it would be under instruction. You may well be right Frances but I just don't see how they can pull off the case against him when the evidence is so clear ... but then I don't know how they pull these events off in the first place!

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I think some of these 'trials' are staged with both sides being spooks - some of them are just too neat and the 'defendant' is absurdly allowed to make 'rousing speeches in defence of freedom' or 'drop bombshells' like AJ. On the other paw, sometimes naive and genuine researchers turn up who can unwittingly perform the same function as the spook defendant/actor. Sometimes it's difficult to work out which is which in each case. Interesting to speculate, though, for sure.

I love studying their machinations. Fascinating.

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Definitely a lot are staged, no doubt about it.

"Sometimes it's difficult to work out which is which in each case. Interesting to speculate, though, for sure."

Yes, probably if you diligently researched you could work out what's what but I just get so over the controlled opposition and so sick of trying to work it out ... which is what they rely on of course.

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I agree completely - it gets to the stage where it's simply not psychologically healthy to dive into rabbit holes and try and work out all the details. It's enough to know the bigger picture. I don't really need to know 'how' they do these things - I'm more interested in the 'why'. I think they want people to focus always on the 'how' and really, really not the 'why'...

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it is staged.

Hall had the two different images of the crippled mountaineer and one armed ghost highlighted on his show , and never noticed they were different.

When this was pointed out (the one with make up is obviously 'extra fake' and has all sorts of image manipulation give aways) he and his 'fans' ignored it.

That in itself was enough to throw out bolt hole bullshitters (or shrapnel heads) court action, as it proves wilful deceit, image manipulation , staging and a manufactured narrative that can no longer be substantiated with visual evidence.

If it is a real court case Hall deserves every decent persons support.

It does seem very fishy why he, and his fan sites, would ignore (with not even a thanks for that back) such useful evidence.

Both images are copyrighted by the father, and one is without doubt fake, undermining so much of his claim.- though both probably are constructs/manipulations.

Where and when is the additional make up on his daughter explained by him ?

' I suddenly realised- She's a woman!' , Was that after she was photoshopped and glamourized,, or after he committed some act of incest , or lent her out to the local pedo elite ?

btw - it is possible to 'construct' footage that would show the pair at the Arena , though it is not quick and easy to do convincingly. This may be one of the prime reasons CCTV footage is almost always shown in low-resolution to the public, while in reality for the past decade 1080 (1K) and 4k resolution is relatively cheaply available.

The news footage in Eire shows hi-res CCTV on its news programmes, while in London footage it is always indistinguishable lo-quality junk.

Evidence was supplied by DubSurgeOn and can be seen clearly in his notes.

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Can you specify what images you are referring to please? Perhaps provide a relevant link if possible please?

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The images were the ones of Martini & 'she looks like a woman!' daughter in the restaurant allegedly before the alleged explosion.compared by an old friend, Serge. He wrote an overview listing many of the 'artefacts/discrepancies' within it on 'X' and FB, I will try and find and add that when I find it.

It utterly disgusted him when he shared it and it got zero feedback. Both images look faked, but the one with make up looks like those posters of policemen seen in supermarket store window- ie far too 2D to be taken seriously. The main give away could be considered LIGHTING after the mess of make up on her mush (one armed ghost girl) .

Its in his notes - here-


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and another thing! 😁

did you watch that recent interview (damage limitations attempt that backfired) with the smarmy and insincere James Delingpole .

The look on Halls face when Delingpole outed himself (jokingly, but blatantly) . What-a -larf theses aware controlled ops must be having over this scam or set up.

That was the final straw after his lack of gratitude highlighting the two restaurant images. He is obviously some misery addicted masochist, ready for media abuse then oblivion.

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TH asked me to send you this-

It is the reason I'm no longer bothering much with internet discussion and almost all so-called alternative media.

(almost) No-one has anything that new or useful to say, while they are busy missing the more important nuances.

{Photo's linked at end of comment}

(1) she is with make up in the darker image & without it in the other- this may be photoshopped later, but her face is drastically different.

(2) one image is taken with flash , if u look at their eyes. However the effect of the flash is not registered on any objects.

the lighting of the flash image seems unrealistic especially compared to the background and near lighting in the alternative image.

NOTE - the front of table cloth.

(3) waiter appears from nowhere in the background - inconsistent with 'apparent' delay between images- judging from customers positions & fluid level in glasses.

(4) unlikely array of glasses on tables- does no-one tidy tables there?!


(5) erasure of meta data time stamps - so no DATE verification is possible.

(6) uncanny shadow under fathers hand may be symbolically resonant ? Also woman behind daughters - sign of the CLAW & Level

both prominent cults 'signs' , rarely if ever mentioned.

There is something off-key and very disingenuous about R&D.HALL.

This is not to say he isn't worthy of support -even if the case is a piece of Theater.

It is possible he has some 'learning difficulty' that is subtle and makes him somewhat cranky when disusing complex topics he is unfamiliar with. He had a proper little melt-down and tantrum about space a few years ago in a private conversation that made me think he was rather loathsome and imaginatively stunted.

The strangest thing about him is that he has a backward bending finger(S) that is common among various initiates (never mentioned publicly ?) and he made many 'shows' of this during interviews. Many of his interviewees were also overtly Masonicaly connected- those 'farmers' shirts and clunky rings!

A mate wrote this a while back- it may be of use and includes things no-one else has picked up on-

''There are no grounds for a court action against Hall, any case would have to consider evidence so the whole thing is unlikely & easy to get dismissed. The apparent victims of the MancBombHoax are not all listed in BDM (Births Death Marriages registry) Basic research shows that many have police/military connections. More than a reasonable average of victims have police connections.

Hall hasn't done hardly any public works in 4 years (what he has done ,re Covid is very good though, at a glance, though derived from others leg work). He has almost nothing to say anymore- he's washed up & sick of playing the controlled opposition game- he wants out & this is a lever & veil for that?

The Hibberts are overt liars, no-one could believe them after even a casual cross-examination. Just look at the images of his daughter & what he said in the inquest, or compare his wounds with the claimed damage he received.

SIA is the initials for Hibberts charity- SIA is also the security industry over-seeing body.

Hall's brother is a policeman. Hall was always considered a controlled opponent among long time/experienced conspiracy researches, along with the insipid Andrew Johnson and the now overt SAUNDERS.

Hall promotes the space scam, ufos, animal mutilations and other topics- he never addresses the real catalysts of the social control system, world finance & influence.

Hall overtly promotes the GLOBE Earth scam, and has never had the guts to confront the FE ideas or proofs, he is so dim he thinks GPS proves a 'globe' topology! (GPS is via high altitude balloons/drone hybrids)

Now Hall is begging for funds from his viewers, for a court case that is ludicrous & a direct contravention of the legal system. I wouldn't trust anything you hear from him- just like Alex Jones and the Sandy Hook SHOW TRIAL, this is a devised event to try and scare/silence dissenting voices.'

Believe Nothing

Everything Permutes


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Whoever you say is "controlled opposition" must be. Because reasons.

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The fundamental reason, Luke, is that controlled opposition is incredibly effective at suppressing the truth. To really understand psyop MO you need to get that CO is incredibly effective so if you're not anticipating it in the first place you don't understand psyop MO.

Show trials are a very common phenomenon and, a priori, when we see this kind of thing happening "show trial" is the more likely explanation. To determine that it's not a show trial what we need is a result that would reflect that. Never seen it.

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however, controlled ops are best at 'reveling part of the truth and distracting you with guff' or 'out of reach' assertions, things you can never prove.

This trial of Hall makes no sence on many levels, including not only why journalists/researchers are not united against it, but also the legal profession. The claim against Hall is farcical and moulded with modern 'entitlement assumptions' that have no foundation or validity.

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I think you are quite right about the entrapment aspect of this operation, provoking someone to investigate, publish, get sued and then provide a pretext for a new law. I wouldn't be surprised if that Alex Jones/Sandy Hook thing was designed and executed in the same way. Jones is, after all, CIA I believe.

I wouldn't use the word honeytrap, though. Honeypot I would say is the more appropriate intel jargon...

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so, you imply this is a FAKE TRIAL like the Jones one obviously was?

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Hmm, I'm not sure about this one being fake. It's a really fascinating question, in fact - one thing that is true though is that spooks love patsies. So if a live takes the bait and runs with it, falls into your lap, so to speak, then clearly one needs to utilise that. Some conspiracy theorists are genuine idiots, after all.

There's a taxonomy of them of course. I would categorise them thus: Alpha to Epsilon - Alphas are those who know/understand pretty much everything with zero psychological issues - interestingly, from the psychological point of view, they have risen so far above it that they often lose any care for the whole thing, given they can't exactly educate the masses - thus they know it's not healthy to flog the dead horse - these ones take a very spiritual path; Betas are on their way to becoming alphas but just haven't learned/researched/discovered enough yet (betas are the best ones to approach for recruitment of course, assuming their psych profile fits - just offer them the truth in exchange for their collaboration, at which point they adopt the role of) Gammas (cognitive infiltrators), who can likewise adopt the role of Deltas = those who have an ideological reason for being a conspiracy theorist (often fascist/patriarchal/evangelical 'Christian' and so on), lead the existing sincere Betas onto a wrong path, or finally Epsilons = those who have an obvious psychological reason for being a conspiracy theorist and who perfectly fit the Establishment's silly definition of a CT (to wit: can't make sense of a chaotic world, wants to know someone is in charge because then it's possible for the world to be controlled, feeling special because in possession of secret knowledge others don't have and all the rest of that pseudo-psychological rubbish). So, when we look at conspiracy theorists, we simply need to put them into one of those five categories, and act towards them accordingly.

Jones, obviously, with his CIA connections, is playing his part (Gamma-Delta - the most common type). Others with their trials, like Assange or the recent CJ Hopkins farce, well, it's sometimes difficult to discern whether they are in on it or just unwitting patsies. Mathis is another case in point. I've recently become of the opinion that he is simply an unwitting target of a genius level psyop. I'd love to be indoctrinated into that file.

With regards to the current case in point, Richard Hall I mean, I think he is a genuine researcher who has picked up on some deliberately inserted stuff and is now being unfairly attacked. Although I have some admiration for some of the higher-creative-level spooks who design these psyops, I myself, for what it's worth, being perhaps an old-school type, retain a sense of morality, you know, and have no little objection to the abuse of intelligent researchers. It's unnecessary, as it happens, given the degree of spook control (plus most lives no longer think about the Manchester event). So if I had any influence on the Richard Hall case file, I would advise to drop it and leave it alone. Otherwise, it's in danger of drawing attention to it and frankly turning a lot of Betas into Alphas. So as a risk-benefit analysis, the result is a negative.

So to whoever is in charge of this case - please take my advice - let Richard go.

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Mar 22·edited Mar 22

fascinating views there Evelyn , that I mostly disagree with ,

yet appreciate that is where you are at with your 'overview' and it does have some resonances, and should certainly be considered.

''it's sometimes difficult to discern whether they are in on it or just unwitting patsies'' is certainly the crux of it. i think that MOST folk have no clue how they are being channeled. HG WELLS as one of the best example of a smart man duped into certain conformities of consciousness, and totally naive about 'the new phonetician' tactics and influences..

They all have psychological reasons and all have political dimensions. The ones in denial of psychological elements are the most dangerous, lacking honesty and integrity.

Assange is well aware of his role -now at least- the whole narrative is preposterous. As if under ground tunnels don't exist between embassies or monasteries !!!!

As if he can't acquire a razor to shave with, as if the legal case against him has any teeth. It is an insult to the publics intelligence to keep flogging that old horse, but they still do, re Brand etc- and what a horse faced mule he is.

Miles Mathis is an essential read for this age.

He is arrogant, self obsessed, not as talented as he imagines

(His art is 'grubby' looking and 'boring', yet technically 'good' for example),

yet he has a refreshing and valid perspective on many topics, while being more often closer to the truth than most.

His main failing , and also the possible reason for his continuance (rather than an early grave/retirement etc) is the AGENDA TO DIMINISH ESOTERIC STUDIES, Demonising all esoteric learning, organisations, figureheads and foundations. He is an esoteric MORON using guilt by association and some dubious genealogies to make his case.

The REAL KEY to transcend most of the modern crap people are mired in is within various ESOTERIC teachings, techniques. You hint at it with your 'alpha' claim of 'spirituality'.

The CATALYST that no-one in public has ever mentioned overtly in public (until now! as far as I am aware), the great corruption that began the 'new phonecian' tyranny was the corruption of very specific TANTRIC CULTS.

That is why none of these gatekeepers want anyone to really comprehend the ESOTERIC sources. Blavatsky touched upon it in the Secret Doctrine- hence MATHIS was commissioned to demonise her and confound her with Bayley and Besant etc. Steiner also reveals too much for comfort. Of course they were among all sorts of potent agendas, so it's easy for him to belittle their achievements and acts of bravery . Mathis has no clue about the war between various aristocratic/esoteric/ CLAN-CULT fractions at the end of the 1800's , yet who commenting theses days does either ?

I do not deny that many of these (all even?) esoteric groups are not corrupted- in fact that is RAM's main line of research, though she rarely publishes anything on such important matters for obvious reasons.

Mathis has no empathy for the situation many ;'well-meaning' people are in when entrenched in the aristocracy. They are more enslaved to the 'family' than most of the public could ever be. The same insensitivity and adolescent self-righteousness was seen by GARYS in his abuse of PIKE and Morals and Dogma, though GARYS is a protozoa compared to MWM's abilities and experiences.

Sadly , for Mathis his name gives him away and he has laid many hints in his work about that. To us 'old skool' conspiracy RESEARCHERS anyone with his initials was an obvious 'nark/front/twister' for some 'Masonic' rudder.

Hall is full of all sorts of crap- secret space, gory obsessions with animal mutilations, hundreds of hours over a 'missing' little girl in a' pedo ring fiasco'.

Old masons used to be interviewed every few weeks on his show.

His brother is a copper.

Hall is also arrogant and smarmy when he deals with issues beyond his limited scope.

However, like all of these tools, he does do and say 'useful' things and some of his work appears to be very informative and helpful.

I think they should ALL be allowed to say what they like.

It is up to us if we find any common ground , or take on board their perspectives.

We are under no obligation to believe anything.

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Oh - another thing - you are so right about Mathis being 'anti-spiritual' ('agenda to diminish esoteric studies') - which is ironic seeing as he really understands Nietzsche (or at least, the person who wrote those bits does). His attacks on the esoteric are a serious problem. At the fundament, he is a materialist, and this is the reason why his physics is incomplete. His (unwitting, IMO) agenda is to attack and destroy people's acceptance of the reality of the spirit. For me, I'm just glad my 'entry point' was precisely the esoteric. And I think that's why I have this immunity to misdirection. It's one of the great things the cabal fears.

From the bad guys point of view, this is vitally important. They, really, really, don't want to accept the existence of the 'bigger fish' in this galactic sea. And so, if they can reinforce the idea that 'c' is the limit of travel velocity, then they can convince themselves there is no 'magic' or 'interstellar travel' or 'extraterrestrial intervention' or 'you are not allowed out of this solar system'. Have a look at this: https://paschat-diplomacy.net/2023/12/27/channel-hopping-with-the-wow-signal/

I think what I'm saying is there's a far more important purpose to all this psyop stuff than most people understand. They want people to get caught up in these individual psyop events so they miss the bigger picture.

Thank you for defending Steiner, btw. That's well appreciated. His work on education alone is vital. Simply having an education system that works with brain development should be obvious - the fact the current system isn't says it all.

I like your simple debunking of Assange - 'the idea he couldn't get hold of a razor' - it's so fucking obvious...

I like conversing with you. I will get round to responding to all your other comments at some point, I hope. Please forgive any delay...

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We are both old-fashioned and enjoy depth to a debate , rather than the trite little farts and burps of a sentence so fashionable these days then :-)

The thing is not to dismiss peoples good ideas because we think they've had some bad ideas, and not to blindly agree with bad ideas from people who we think are full of good ideas.

Mathis is excellent for presenting another view.

I really do recommend his work, even when I disagree with its conclusions or dislike his style.

Most (if fussy about semantics etc , then ALL) of history is a 'construct', he is correct about that. Though how much so is debatable.

The psy-op is - what extent, and what 'weight' is applied to it (ie propaganda/hype/agendas).

I would guess he has a very informed friend who works ,or worked, or is the partner of someone within the circus.

The great dilemma these days is not who is an operative (all the most popular pundits obviously are, consciously or not) but who are the more decent ones who actually care about humanity/society / the future etc, As opposed to those who are at core mercenary shits who will dance to any song their puppet masters play.

This was the big deal at the time of Blavatsky et al.

It is no secret esoteric groups and espionage are intimately connected- just like Theater folk and War mongers are, only the ignorant can't see the ties between them and imagine they are opposed to each other- as in the old Hollywood con, stating War is bad while the film is fueled by Military money and navigated by the same ancient families.

Mathis is almost correct to call them the Phoenicians - yet really they are a newer. inter married/ consolidated version of the Canaanites who were usurped by neighboring death and mutilation cults. This is very obscure history I doubt anyone unfamiliar with esoteric works could ever simply work out, as it deals with many INVERSIONS of belief and symbolism.

There is no limit to 'c'' .

While light can , and does appear to travel as a vector it is fundamentally a scalar event.

The induction and activation of the noble gases in the upper atmosphere equating with daylight for example.

The second and third main formative ethers -Light & chemical ether- have all the components and symbolism any intelligent explorer needs to resolve these mysteries. Hence why phosphorous and the noble gases are now being exploited as they are. Hydrogen is now a wonder element capable of solving all the worlds problems. If you are scientifically inclined it is impossible to deny that Hydrogen is in effect a very practical GOD. The ONE, point in a circle and other analogies proving that certain 'myths' are actually the SCIENCE.OF NATURE.

The myth of ATOMS needs to be revisited with knowledge of the Aether and four main formative ethers.

The current model of infinite indivisibility (Quantum quackery) and whizzing electrons is misleading and hasn't produced much of use (many will argue the opposite though!) .

The high energy input of typical electrical use being inadvertently 'carcinogenetic' / ie prevents cell repair and amplifies 'fields'. It is a nightmare of latent activations, and possibly why 5G et al was devised and implemented to exploit such phenomena. Electronic sensitivity is not an abnormality, NOT having that EM sensitivity is the anomality of modern times. Basically we are too saturated in it to notice.Humanity is 'currently' Drunk on dirty electricity/ positive IONS and impossible to define DUSTs.

Mathis' PI idea was old before he mentioned it.

People forget that the initiate systems had high science veiled in allegories and symbols for eons , before anyone on the internet 'discovered' them.

Just look at the state of what the mysteries of Earths topology is in now because a 'great secret' of comprehensive initiation has leaked into the public domain. All attempts to mitigate it have failed because its so obvious that the Earth FUNCTIONS as a flat(ish) surface and certainly NEVER like a spinning ball.

It has generated a massive cognitive rupture that many will never reconcile or heal.

Mathis claims FE is a psy-op , which it of course now HAS TO BE. The fake shape of Earth is actually the logical conclusion to his entire body of work, yet he can't face the fact he's been so gullible to believe the church and state propaganda all his life , that he can't even be decent about the matter.

His charge field is mushy, he just admitted it '' is simply

Maxwell's D-field, which underlies and causes electromagnetism'', yet has Mathis ever defined what a 'field ' really is ?

Modern thinking has made a massive mistake in assuming vectors of energy are required, it is typically manifest as a scalar event.

Now, if we apply these ideas of SCALAR events (I'm evading the ill-defined field term!) from electricity into a 'spiritual' component much of the horror of today can be better comprehended. The real war against the public is multifold, though the greatest prize is our consciousness (or lack of) , many insightful people realise that our oppressors are desperate to cripple and diminish our souls and spirits, any financial gain doing so is just a bonus.

My apologies for taking up so much space here on this- I am hoping it is useful for others unfamiliar with these topics, rather than just between the two of us.

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"I would guess he has a very informed friend who works ,or worked, or is the partner of someone within the circus."

That's a very interesting idea...

"The great dilemma these days is not who is an operative (all the most popular pundits obviously are, consciously or not) but who are the more decent ones who actually care about humanity/society / the future etc, As opposed to those who are at core mercenary shits who will dance to any song their puppet masters play."

This is an insightful comment and I understand where it comes from. I've come to the conclusion that a lot of it is down to recruitment - and I think that recruitment policy has changed, in the sense that they are recruiting far more of the mercenary shits than those old-schoolers who care. And most of those old-schoolers, relics of the cold war shall we say, have since retired/quit in disgust. I would say/suggest/hypothesise that this happened over the last 25 years, and certainly since 1/ the so-called Christmas massacre (the circus), and 2/ people leaving Thames House when Lander took over in that little political coup. In fact the CM was also just internal politics, I believe.

So yes, I think there's a lot to that.

I'll probably end up replying to each of your points separately if I can get around to it. Although we shouldn't veer too far off topic - I'm mindful of avoiding impolitesse.

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That's a lot for a person with an alcohol tiredness to absorb right now, so I'll have to get back to you... Your scalar thing is interesting though.

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Now that's a response and a half! Glad to meet a fellow traveller, for sure.

I am so, so, glad and reassured for what you said about Mathis. Clearly you've taken the time to study him. I totally agree with you about his 'art' - it's vulgar and ugly and offends my sense of the aesthetic - and that's the great irony, because he rants on about how the bad guys have destroyed art, and yet he does that himself. He paints nudes, and yet paints them in a way that makes them seem ugly, blotchy, sickly and so on. That is not a celebration of the human form. Yes, technically he is a good artist, but aesthetically, no. (and what we see on the canvas is often an expression of the artist, not the subject)

His science, however, is remarkable - I can say that because I can follow the mathematics. As soon as he showed the difference between pi at rest (3.14) and pi related to calculus (x+y axis) I understood where he was coming from. There are some shortcomings in his theoretical physics however, which I may send him a message about at some point. He doesn't, for example, consider the elasticity of the (material of the) quantum (which is what creates the 'c' limit). This however is seriously advanced stuff which pretty much all humans don't understand, and I am really reluctant to talk about it because it would fall into the wrong paws.

I am so, so, so happy to meet someone who 'gets' Mathis, though, and I seriously appreciate your comments. Because now I get to discuss it! You have clearly seen how his 'method' is flawed - I mean, his ridiculous 'genealogy' is so OTT as to be laughable. I am thinking it's largely because he's American and simply doesn't understand how we English do surnames. His grasp of history is atrocious, to say the least. The fact that he takes 'wikipedia' as his starting point! This is what I mean about the 'Mathis Psyop' - the spooks who do Wikipedia must have thought 'right, there's this Mathis bloke - let's fuck with him; so we'll do some Wiki entries and we'll do some genealogy shit and make him doubt the very existence of this or that event in history' and 'oh, in order to do this, we'll have to create some new fake photos, upload them to Wiki, and let him find them' - 'in order to prompt him on to our wild goose chase, all we need is to get one of our guys to send him an email' - 'let's have some real, real fun, and make him believe that even someone like Charles Dickens was a crypto!' - 'If we can get him to believe that, we can get him to believe anything!!'.

Well, clearly they can. I would love to see Mathis' fMRI scan! I mean, some of the shit he comes out with is seriously fucked up.

What really convinced me about his fucked-upness was an essay called something like 'the worst crime against humanity' in which he ranted on about the 'trans issue'. I'm not even going to go there except to say how fucking obvious it should be that the whole 'anti-trans' thing is a manufactured psyop. Anyone who knows anything about neuroscience will understand that.

To believe Mathis is to believe that ZERO history is real. He must be the most paranoid fuck to have ever lived. So I think (like I said - I haven't been indoctrinated into his file) he was analysed and then targeted for a psyop, and is the unwitting propagator of some of the classic projection about 'fascist, materialist, patriarchal conspiracy theorist' caricature. By doing this, of course, they are telling people 'you can't trust his science/theoretical physics stuff'. So whereas Mathis knows fuck all about history - or historiography, rather (he never refers to primary source documents) - what the cabal really don't want people to think about is the science stuff.

As I say, because I myself am a genius, I know that the science stuff is true. But Mathis is so stupid that he's published it all and allowed it to fall into the hands of a cabal of serious, serious fucking psychopathic monsters. Mathis, quite frankly, has ZERO psychological intelligence. And THAT'S why he is being used.

And he is dumb enough to fall for it. And he has done some serious fucking damage as a result. And that's going to require some ETI intervention.

So quite frankly, fuck him.

That felt so much better, getting that off my boobs...

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Dave McGowan has an excellent (and v amusingly written, as always) analysis of Boston:


The similarities with Manchester are, indeed, striking. These evil people do learn from history - they learn they can get away with it. So, if a method works, they will repeat it.

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Mar 2Liked by Iain Davis

I have contributed to R D Hall's legal fund.

If he goes on to lose his case and face significant costs, I would happily contribute again. We need to help him continue his work, by any means available.

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Mar 1Liked by Iain Davis

He’s clearly been stitched up with the summary judgement but then the establishment couldn’t risk another John Hill case. If you’re not familiar with this then head over to the “In one place” website of Tony Rooke and watch his “Death & Taxes” film. Then dig out “7/7 ripple effect” by Maud dib on IMDb. Shows how the 7/7 bombings were, well,not as reported.

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Mar 3Liked by Iain Davis

I'm listening to Richie Allen's interview of Nick Kollerstrom, about R D Hall.

All I'm getting is a protracted, Oirish, whine about 'proof', 'celebrity truthers' and "you know it's bollocks, Nick".

It smacks of nothing less than sour grapes, to these ears.

I stopped paying attention to the irritating little bog-trotter, years ago.

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Mar 1Liked by Iain Davis

There are several discrepancies between the evidence visible in John Barr's video and the testimony presented at the Manchester Arena Inquiry. For instance, the Events Manager on duty in the CCTV control room that night said:

”I was looking at the CCTV monitors and the ones relating to the City Rooms suddenly went white. This wasn’t the white of static when there is no signal, but it was obvious that something was obscuring the cameras. After a few seconds, the screens started to clear and I realised it was white smoke that was within the rooms.”

This means that the whole of the City Room was filled with smoke that was dense enough to obscure all of the CCTV cameras. And yet, I don't see any smoke in the John Barr video. Where did the smoke come from, and where did it go?

Another anomaly - although many witnesses mention seeing smoke, I've yet to find anyone who says they suffered from smoke inhalation, or even describe any discomfort such as coughing or stinging eyes.

What kind of smoke was this?

I have put together a 15 minute analysis of the strange "fumes" Richard spotted on the CCTV images after the bang.


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2:26 - you can see a hole in the jeans.

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Mar 3Liked by Iain Davis

Yes, I noticed that. I also found an interview in which she describes the moment it happened...

Quote: "There was this, just, a really loud bang... erm... and a horrible smell of fireworks and I felt something go in my leg. And I looked down and could only see a tiny little hole in my jeans, so I thought "Ooo, something's gone a bit wrong here", so I turned round to Michelle to say "what the hell was that?" and Michelle was dead on the floor at the side of me with blood coming out of her head."

Link: https://jadesjournalismnews.wordpress.com/2020/01/03/manchester-arena-bombing-the-impacts-of-terrorism/

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Can you? Where? I've added an image to the post of Ruth's leg taken at 2:26. I can't see anything remotely congruent with the alleged injury nor a hole in her jeans.

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Mar 4Liked by Iain Davis

Iain, I will email an image that I cropped from the John Barr video which (I think) shows the small hole in her jeans. I've spent several hours scrutinising the JB video to try and work out what Ruth Murrell is doing, then I compared it to the evidence given at the Manchester Arena Inquiry. I agree with you that RDH deserves our support.

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I've just watched the video again and I and definitely see a small area/hole in her jeans - area of her thigh. I had no idea that there was any discussion of the bombing being a false flag and have no opinion either way so no prejudice etc. I can just see a patch in the fabric of her jeans congruent with there being a hole.

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I agree there is something that looks like it might be a hole. This is more evident when seen in negative. [Thanks Fran]. However, even if it is a small hole which isn't clear in my view, that is still incongruent with her phisical behaviour and the significant tissue damage she supposedly sustained. If it is a hole, it is not consistent with the claimed scale of the injury in my view.

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A paramedic or medical doctor would be able to clarify that point. People can be stabbed and not realise it.

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Mar 6·edited Mar 6Author

True, but this was a tumbling metal bolt that allegedly passed clean through her leg. The post op' image, purportedly showing that leg, clearly suggests major tissue loss. The possible pinhole in her jeans in no way correlates with such a significant injury. Her ability to walk around on high heels without even limping less than 4 minutes after allegedly sustaining it, flatly denies the possibility that Ruth Murrell suffered any such injury in my view.

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Mar 21Liked by Iain Davis

It is actually an established medical/psychological phenomena Iain,

it was called 'mediaitis ' among those in the know for decades, but like everything else has been revised and resurrected as

Ruth Murrell Syndrome

Whatever you do , do not break her name down and use any type of phonetic cabala on it. The words Ruth and El have no mossad colouring. The word Mure, Murrel and Murals are not involved in this at all.

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Mar 6Liked by Iain Davis

Yes. The chair of the Inquiry was assisted by a panel of blast wave experts who said: "Being struck by a fragment from a blast has been likened to being shot with a bullet. However, the fragment typically causes more devastation as the energy around the object does not travel in a straight line, rather it is tumbling. This means a small wound from a secondary blast injury can cause devastating internal injuries."

And yet, not only was Ruth walking around the City Room seemingly unaware of her severe injury, she was also filmed sitting comfortably in a normal chair while chatting to the Queen three days later.

It would be interesting to hear from someone whose experienced a bullet wound to the thigh similar to that of Ruth Murrell to find out if the footage of her is remotely credible.

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Mar 6Liked by Iain Davis

There are no other close-up pictures of an injury in the City Room available to the public, which is why John Barr's video is so important. If it is simply not possible for someone to walk as Ruth does after sustaining such a major leg injury, then this evidence alone calls into question all the other injuries sustained that night.

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''People can be stabbed and not realise it.'' when high on coke or massive influxes of adrenaline, but not in a normal state of being.

Most folk are almost crippled in pain from a splinter under the finger nail (or the like). A bolt blown through your leg would certainly be noticeable, even if she'd dashed a fistful of coke ,Ketamine & E's at the concert!

Maybe she got all of those drugs from the numerous police related personnel who were among the casualties as well; it helps them get through these boring false flag exercises don't 'cha know!

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Coppers on Coke is a big issue.

Even the BILL did an episode on it -

& no, I dont watch that crud, but my mum used to .

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no-one cares what you think

you are talking to yourself


it's now all you know.



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Been following the guy for years, quite a character. Just sent him 20 quid.

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With regards to the hybrid idea. There is some merit in this. Given we dealing with evil creatures here they wouldn't necessarily pass up the opportunity to kill lots of innocent humans. It's what they do.

However, in order to know whether this was a real attack or a hoax we'd need to examine the bona fides of those two videographers. If the second one, Barr if I remember correctly, is a suspicious person in any way, then we can't rule out the possibility that his little video was pre-recorded at a different time with all the crisis actors, but posted 4 minutes after the (genuine) attack. Meaning there were real victims of a real attack, but the same crisis actors mixed in. After all, how come his video was so short in length? And why aren't there any other videos? What with the proliferation of smartphones these days and young people's tendency to 'share', and use them as protection blankets.

This to me seems like a repeatable method for the bad guys, and with this in mind we should re-examine some of the previous false flag attacks, specifically to filter out the deliberately inserted anomalies and separate what's left as 'what really happened'. We can also use that to better detect cognitive infiltrators, who will naturally be picking up on the red herrings.

Anyway, without knowing any more about the two videographers, I really can't offer a definitive opinion. But it's certainly worth a consideration.

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It should be noted that Ruth was also seen in the footage outside of the Arena after the bomb with exactly the same moulage stain on her jeans that was not seen on her jeans prior to the alleged bomb.

So, let's assume Ruth Murrell was a crisis actor in the footage taken earlier in the day of a fake bombing in the Manchester Arena City Room. Ruth then mingles in the crowd prior to the "real" bombing - as she was seen in the city room either 1 second or 30 seconds - depending what you believe - before the allegedly "real" bomb detonated that really did kill people.

This means Ruth, at the very least, would need to be convinced to stand in a room where she knows a "real" bomb is going to explode. If the suggested hybrid theory flies, there is no chance she wouldn't know about the "real" bomb.

She didn't have the moulage on her jeans prior to the explosion and therefore, having previously worn the same clothes in the earlier training exercise, would have known that she needed to apply or have the moulage applied after a "real" bomb had exploded right in front of her.

Either that, or her injury is real which evidently it isn't. Therefore, having just practiced this precise scenario earlier, following a bomb blast that blew people to pieces (for real) in front of her, Ruth then applies the moulage to fake her injury again.

Personally I think the Hybrid theory is a no-goer because of Ruth Murrell.

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I get what you're saying. I should've posted the caveat that I have not sufficiently studied all the details for the Manchester Ariana event, so I was kind of doing my initial freeform speculations. I'm sure if I look into those details I'll figure it out.

The spooks love twins, however. This could apply to her jeans - one pair without moulage, one pair with. I don't know, just more speculation! The more details one has the more one can eliminate wrong hypotheses.

Having said that, in all of these false flags it really helps to look at things from the perpetrators' point of view, and in particular 'imagine' their production/planning meeting - as a writer of stories (and good dialogue) this has become increasingly easier for me. Like with 9-11 - you take the simplest, most efficient way of achieving the objective, and then, once they (the perps) have settled on that, they can add embellishments and misdirections - like the two extraneous flights 77 and 93, both of which are entirely unnecessary with regards to the objective (crash into towers, bring them down - that's all it is).

So in terms of Manchester, it's 'create a bomb scene' - whether a real one or fake one depends on which version is easiest to do. If the concert was still going on at the time (which it clearly was) then there would hardly be anyone in the City Room, they'd be in the auditorium - if you were a murderous suicide bomber I think you'd want to set off your bomb in the midst of a massive crowd (The same logic applies to 7/7/7 of course - given the multitude of targets in London to choose from, if I was their handler I'd be pissed off they 'only' managed to kill 52 people, and detonated their devices inside tunnels rather than on platforms - and the bomb on the bus, at the top at the back where it will do the least amount of damage, right outside a building full of medical professionals - 'I wanna see their instructor', as one stand-up comic put it - it's confusing though because I would've thought the psychos we're dealing with here would've wanted to wilfully murder as many people as possible - unless these suicide bombers are just plain stupid; well, that kind of goes with saying).

Also, you say Ruth was 'seen in the city room' seconds before the blast - by whom? A reliable or suspect witness?

Yeah, as I say, I'll have to actually study the details when I have time. But I do love speculation. It's what I'd say to the spooks - it's not that I'm a threat or intend to do anything about their machinations (I'm under no illusions about the fact that I am powerless to do anything about it, after all) - I just like to know the truth. It's a kind of philosophical pathology, type thing. They would call it a 'need to know', lol.

I'm rambling again. Be quiet Evelyn. Shush. It's lunchtime.

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no one at a Adrianne /Arachne Grande concert is 'innocent' have you ever listened to her lyrics or watched her pop-slut videos ?

Nick Kollerstromes book makes it obvious why these 'fear tactics' are predominantly staged these days,which is as also mentioned by Hall.

Your keen wits are being wasted with unnecessary distractions Evelyn.

The event is utterly stage MANAGED, and most people sensed this right away, then knew it soon after.

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sad, but true.


especially if Karma has anything to with things, tho I'd like to dismiss that as fear control!

I was babysitting a few weeks ago and the neighbors children were being evil towards another neighbors pet cat. The idea of children being innocent seems to require some serious revision after they have experienced any modern media.

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I would seriously love to share a sherry with you at the vicar's tea & cake bash.

I'm thinking early summer, just as the first roses emerge.

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He drinks RUM usually, and I've never seen him actually drunk.

Can I come along as well?


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you like bashing cakes then?

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Is that because you are the hybrid WOLF-FISH-TROLL-TIMEVAMPIRE -TYPING ANUS ?

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My eyes were opened only from the most recent plandemic, Convid. My friend's grandchild was at this concert and to them, it was real but simulations are meant to be, yes? I once worked for St John's Ambulance, co-ordinating First Aid Courses, some of 4 days duration. We had a bank of volunteers to act as casualties, from severe head wounds to complicated fractures, with bones protruding from flesh, along with copious amounts of spurting blood, quite gory and realistic! I've already seen Mr Hall's work on Manchester and his other investigations and have no doubts we are mislead and lied to. Whilst the UK public may accept we were lied to about WMD elsewhere to get public approval to bomb and kill 500,000 children in a far away land, they can't comprehend our or any government doing anything bad, real or perceived, to their own, not realising our ministers are globalist puppets where borders are irrelevant and events staged to nudge opinions or force another event.

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C19 event was a planned to excelerate a range of agendas that have been pursued for some years.

Things weren't moving at the rate they hoped so a plan was hatched.

Like with all plans it didn't quite go in the direction they wanted but that's not to say they have given up.

The collapsing of western economies is going well but the kick back in other areas has been more than they could of imagined (farmers protests).

There is a whole sale bankrupting of the farming industry planned so the corporation's can buy the land at discounted prices and then get the subsidies for re-wilding.

The middle class will be destroyed along with public health and state pension moved up the age range.

Were going back to the dark ages and all due to our corrupt political class.

I suspect they are hoping on reduced population numbers to make this all work for them🤝👍

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Yes, I read quite a bit on economies. Noone has any solution to what seems inevitable, either. Well, their solution to keep resources available for themselves by depop of 7.5 billion doesn't sound very appealing does it? Even if every one of us was informed, most would not believe it. But they keep on with crisis after crisis, people dying in proxy wars, genocided, starved, given poisoned needles, burned, drowned or frozen to death.

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🤝were going to watch the world as we know it unravel.

It has to happen but with any great change comes much uncertainty.

Prepare for a very bumpy ride as things are going to get more crazy as we approach 2030.

initially I discounted it but now see that the government's are at war with there citizen's, we are the enemy.

The 🇬🇧 is a major player in the current global crisis , Boris Johnson flew to UKraine to stop a peace deal being signed in 2022 and 🇬🇧 have signed a 10 year deal with Zelensky.We 🇬🇧were the first to approve a C19 injectable 💉product and the city of Londinium and there global chums was going to make a killing off of it.

The next phase is happening now and that requires full 5G roll out and digital IDs and CBDC ,smart cities etc and the bankrupting of framers so the land can be bought cheap by corporation's and get the grants for re-wilding schemes.

The upside is that things are not going intirely there way, we need to let them know that we don't comply👍🤝

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The problem is how to open eyes and ears, especially under 50 years of age who mostly are already indoctrinated by IT, contactless payments, binge Netflix, online shopping, Instagram influencers, etc. I do believe jabs are connected to 5G, Internet of Bodies, not for alleged virus, and I suspect many seem to be already programmed, obviously not the injured or dead, who may be having doubts.

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Those running the show have to collapse what exists to be able to replace it ,that could potentially cause massive social/economic problems.

Save yourself and loved ones if you can, as to the rest I suspect the indoctrination is to complete to allow saving.

A country with a good year round climate ,small population and under developed infrastructure is what's needed👍🤝

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Banning critical examination because the narrative can't withstand scrutiny - how very holocaust.

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