Some form of government will always exist.

At the most extreme simplest brutish level, government exists as “might makes right.”

The “might makes right” form of government evolved into “benevolent rulers” whose governmental power was derived from their personal wealth that could buy the fealty of others who would enforce the ruler’s dictates.

Eventually, enough “others” with sufficient wealth of their own were able to band together to impose their “collective will” upon the “benevolent ruler” and force the government to reflect their desires as well as the desires of the ruler. In a very small city-state, such as Athens, a new form of government, democracy, was attempted where every citizen of Athens participated in the functioning of the government. But as small city-states grew to become larger nations and empires, it became impractical and impossible for every citizen of the larger nation and empire to participate in the functioning of the government. Thus the advent of “representative” government by locally elected representatives. However, even representatives could not constrain the corruption of evil rulers backed by bought-off enforcers of the ruler’s dictates. The American Founder’s solution was a Constitution that divided the powers of government between three co-equal branches, a Legislative Branch of elected Representatives that created the Laws of the Land and controlled the “Power of the Purse,” an Executive Branch with an elected leader to enforce the Laws and provide protection for citizen’s Rights, and a Judicial Branch to decide if the Laws were Constitutional, and to decide if a citizen’s Rights had been violated. Unfortunately, a few evil people figured-out how to use their vast wealth to buy and corrupt the elected Representatives to legislate on their behalf, instead of on behalf of their local constituents. Today, those wealthy evil people are using their vast wealth to fulfill their centuries long goal of a One World Globalist Fascist Empire where nation-states have all been abolished, along with their Constitutions, and the wealthy evil people own and control all of the natural resources, and their servants manage the global government as a neo-feudal bureaucratic administrative state technocracy. The bottom line is that there is no escaping living under some type of government form, and some type of “might makes right” form of government will always exist.

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The entire Anthropogenic Climate Change, unverified hypothesis backed up via computer modelling, is just a money and power grab. Aka more governance. All governance is tyrannical. Always has been.

Folks in these circles, and this comment section, are keen to scapegoat certain entities or even specific families but are missing the entire point. Playing the man and not the ball.

The problem is the wide scale belief in subservience to institutions of authority (Religion/Monarchy/The State/Globalist entities, all these are forms of governance) aka governance. It is belief in these "authorities" that garners compliance and obedience. No tyranny is possible without the compliance of collaborators and useful idiots. *Insert scapegoat* can have any policy they want but it goes nowhere without mass compliance. Yes there are always bad guys but bad guys are literally nothing without compliant sheeple. Scapegoating is overly simplistic and, frankly lazy.

There is no saviour coming. The solution is down to you. No ruler, no throne.

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For anyone and everyone jumping on the BRICS+ bandwagon, know that Xi and Putin are both supporters and proponents of UN Agenda 21/2030.

The XV BRICS Summit Declaration states unequivocally throughout the document their implementation of Agenda 2030 and global governance.

In a recent substack post, Matt Ehret made the following claim:

“What you may not be aware of, however, is that there is not one single “new world order” agenda, but two opposing paradigms currently clashing over what the terms and conditions of the new world system will look like. Only one of those two paradigms is in any way compatible with your life and those lives of your children, family and nation.”

Actually, neither of the two opposing paradigms are in any way compatible with “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” if those New World Order paradigms infringe on people’s Personal Liberty, Personal Rights, and especially their Personal Right of Property Ownership. In actuality, what is occurring today is a “competition” for control over the United Nations being waged between the current controlling faction of the BIS-WEF-NATO “Western” aligned nations and the upstart challenger faction of Xi and the BRICS+ “Eastern” aligned nations. No matter which faction gains control over the UN, they both are proponents of UN Agenda 21/2030 Sustainable Development Goals, the Climate Crisis fear-mongering Hoax, Central Bank Digital Currency, Digital ID, a Social Credit Score System, State Surveillance, Censorship, Compliance, Subordination, and Subservience to the dictates of non-elected bureaucratic administrators.

Xi’s “Belt & Road Initiative” is the bait to lure Third World nations into joining the BRICS+ coalition.

Granted, the “Belt & Road Initiative” bait is very enticing by helping Third World nations break free from “Western” colonialism still being enforced through the Word Bank and International Monetary Fund, and helping Third World nations to develop their own economies with BRICS+ investment into the development of their infrastructure, industrial, commercial, and agricultural needs and businesses, but are the people in the Third World nations in reality just replacing “Western” imperialism with “Eastern” imperialism if in the end they are all subjects of a new UN “Oligarchy” with the same goal of a One World New World Order?

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How Agenda 21/2030 is being filtered down to the local community level, and the consequences it will have on the future.

I urge to watch the following three YouTube videos:

The first video is Henry Lamb discussing the Wildlands Project. Henry Lamb is the author of

“The Rise of Global Governance.”




The second video is Tom DeWeese, author of several books:

Agenda 21: The Wrenching Transformation of America


Sustainable: The WAR on Free Enterprise, Private Property and Individuals




The third video is Rosa Koire, author of:





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"Philanthropic foundations and other G3P “partners,” such as the Rockefeller Brothers’ Fund, are advising mayors like Sadiq Khan which investors they should borrow the money from and what repayment terms they should accept."

Interesting, since the Rockefeller family donated the land for the UN knowing its founding would be a mecca to promote numerous insidious agendas including mass depopulation.

It's laughable to think that these pyschopaths care about 4,000 deaths when the mRNA toxic jabs murdered and injured millions.

Net zero really means zero assets and individual freedom for what's left of the middle-class.

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Thank you Iain, that makes things very clear. I shall follow your lead and do the same.

Nick Ashton.

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Excellent work yet again. It's patently obvious that the air in London is much cleaner now than it was when I moved here in 1984. The underground however, remains as always, very dusty and sooty. I am one of those who now abstain from voting, as real democracy in the UK no longer exists. What are your feelings on the correct approach? Is it better not to turn up to the ballot box at all or to attend and submit a spoiled ballot paper. I would be interested to hear your views.

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I have a colleague, an old-school, honest labor voter. Let's call him Dave.

Dave is angry very angry. You see, he likes his car, an old sports car. It is his joy and satisfaction. He loves to cruise to work and back in this car. But Sadiq hates his car and Sadiq hates Dave. Why? No one knows. Sadiq punished Dave for no reason, he wanted to take Dave's joy away from him.

Sadiq lied that Dave's car was very bad for the environment and it must be scrapped.

Dave was an honest, hard-working man but today Dave is a criminal. You see, Dave showed a finger to Sadiq and continued to drive his old sports car.

(Dave's real name is changed to protect him from Sadiq's goons in uniforms.

The story is real. I do have a colleague who "thanks" to globalist agendas and corrupt politicians has become an offender just because he sees it through the lies of those politicians and he likes his car.)

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Voting is compulsory in Australia, though one can deliberately vote “informal” once they register at the polling station. I absolutely agree that voting for politicians only encourages them: they take it as a tick of approval! But fools keep voting for the team they always vote for. It’s a tribal loyalty that overrides even basic common sense. If I vote “informal”, I hand the country to the fools and the parasites. If I vote for a small party who is against the WEF, the WHO, etc and ‘Climate Change’, I will have at least supported them. But the fools always win, and the parasites get back in...

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Very good point on the boycotting of elections being a useful tool of legitimacy. However, it is also used, or at least attempted to be used, by the other side to delegitimise what had legitimacy.

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Who knows how all this will play out in the longer term - but the Grand Narratives (Covid, Climate, Trans rights, etc. ) do seem to be under siege, if not silently collapsing.

The real battleground is one of belief. How long can people continue to believe and follow these dictates based on lies and distortions? I think their time is running out, although they have had a good run up till now.

Foisting those damn mRNA experiments on us was their biggest mistake in my opinion. The death and injuries they caused can only be hidden for so long. And the seeing of one monstrous lie leads to seeing others.

In short, the globalist control freaks are living on borrowed time, or so I believe.

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The U.N. is a Tool; a Puppet towards a New/One World Govt. INSTALLED by 'The Club of 300 International Banker Family Mafia' centered in 'THE CITY OF LONDON'; the actual Govt. of the U.K. hiding behind the Monarchs/Peers FOR CENTURIES. This Mafia led by the Rothschild's finagled it's existence into being immediately after WWII as planned when WWI's 'League of Nations' failed to gain membership of the U.S. The Prostitute Politicians, SEDUCED/BRIBED/THREATENED to install this DINOSAUR OF GLOBAL TOTALITARIANISM/AUTHORITARIANISM found U.S. Membership when 'The City of London' agreed for it to be located in NYC even though it's various Dept. were located in other regions of EU; like Geneva with it's W.H.O, Basel with the BIS and Davos with the WEF...Having Govt. open to WORLD COLONIZATION.

If the people of the U.K. wish freedom; to crawl-out from beneath the 'Dead Weight' of 'The Club of 300's International Banker Family Mafia'; TIME TO RAISE HOLY HELL IN "THE CITY OF LONDON' to remove the existential threat to themselves and the whole world.

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In how many ways are we living pretending that the untrue and the unreal are real?

Our elected governments don't represent us, they represent their paymasters.

Our justice system is not concerned in justice and the equal application of the law. Compare how Trump and Biden are treated, or the 2020 rioters, both across the country and in front of the White House, compared to the January 6, 2021 "insurrectionists."

We pretend that vaccines are safe and effective and despite much evidence proving the opposite, the governments in various countries are telling us we must all get more of these bioweapon shots.

We pretend that news organizations tell us the news, but as they are well paid by govts, they instead feed us propaganda dressed up as news.

We pretend that vax injured or killed are suffering their fates due to global warming and many don't question the claim.

etc., etc., etc. let us stop the pretense and not take things at face value

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