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Iain, I am so disappointed in this article. It is impossible to understand "the conflict" until you study the documented history of the Jewish land and the history of Mohammed.

"Islamic Jew-hatred began with Mohammed and has continued to this day. It is not the result of economics, foreign policy, the formation of the modern state of Israel, or anything else except the refusal of Jews to accept that he was their prophet.

After this rejection, Mohammed then claimed the Jews had corrupted their scriptures to hide the prophecy that Islam is the true religion and he was the last in the line of Hebrew prophets. All of their historical trials were punishment by Allah for this perceived treachery He turned against them and sought to annihilate or enslave them.

Since Mohammed is seen as the perfect model to imitate, the Islamic political doctrine has had a tradition of fierce Jew-hatred ever since. " CSPII

Hamas IS committed to the obliteration of Israel: they have said so themselves repeatedly. But this seems to be completely incomprehensible to those who believe in "the basic goodness of people".

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I understand Lynda. Theology and religion are not my strong points and I recognise the animosity between religious factions that is not explored in this article. However, may I suggest to you that exponents of realpolitik often exploit religion fro geopolitical or political advantage, which is the subject of the piece. I do draw a distinction between religious and political Zionism and I think that clarification can be made.

I think the same can be said for Islam. While Hamas is an Islamist Fundamentalist organisation if we read their policy documents they are also an overtly political organisation. Similarly, if we look at Saudi Arabia it could be argued that Wahhabism remains a significant component of Saudi religious life, perhaps even a threat to the state itself, but at the same time, the Saudi state is very much engaged in hard nosed geopolitics.

So I concede that I have not explored the basic religious roots of animosity between the Islamists and the Zionists but I maintain that Hamas, as a political organisation, has repeatedly indicated it's willingness to accept a two-state solution, which would not necessitate the complete obliteration of Israel.

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cans of worms sometimes have fingerprints on them.

(here's some notes that should help investigate deeper)

The basic religious roots of animosity can be traced to the remnants of the deluge(s) and are tribal/Clan Cult attributes ,with core FAMILIES at the root, their family tree is like an OCTOPUS or KRAKEN... -

There may well have been a rearrangement of the heavens during the deluge(s) and that would prompt many terrified souls to INVERT their previous customs & 'beliefs'.As would a displacement , say from a cold country into a very hot one & vice versa.

For example, Henry O'Briens Book ''The Round Towers of Ireland'' brilliantly tells of the Irish exodus into IRAN and the terrible effects of their return generations later.

The most potent cults were the TANTRA ones ('sex' is life's essential component!) , the BO & PITH being the opposing, yet mutual dynamic- Lingams, HERMS and Yoni symbols are prolific everywhere. These cults became corrupted (for several reasons) into the Kabbalists. They in turn married into the CABALISTS - horse trainers/breeders/traders, who integrated with the BLACK-SMITHS/ VULCAN, Metallurgy was the magic behind weapons & ARMOUR & money... all of these are cult totems that turn into cults/religions & GUILDS, that now may be considered the CABAL. .

From that Politics, theology, ritual, superstition and environmental/psychological & other 'sciences' & CRAFTS were bound-together in a Fasce of control systems & degrees of exploitation.

Carrying the fasce is the Eagle/Phoenix of course. The symbols are consistent for over (seemingly) 8,000 years- There are Sumerian/Mayan/Indian/Asian/Polynesian/Irish & Egyptian carvings including the same symbols, similar phonetics & comparative mythologies.

This is where the 'esoteric' traditions are invaluable if perceived with an intuitive eye.

Death & Mutilation Cults consolidated almost all other 'families/traditions', perverting, degrading & ultimately corrupting almost all potential threats-while endless wars are a great way to get rid of undesirable families/fractions, they also facilitate 'eugenicist' inclinations for breeding warriors/ guard-dogs- slaves, prostitutes, entertainers (smoke & mirrors/actors/ fictioneers of history) & pliable, conformist servants/technicians.

The Sea-Kings MEDITED between the lands & controlled the kings who they were often also married into (re Buckminster Fuller for a brief overview) - Maritime & Mercantile Mercenaries rule the lands even today & proudly display their CLAN symbols.

The Medici's are a key family of consolidations, their symbol is the same as a pawn-brokers/ jewellers.

The Renaissance was the REBIRTH of the PHEONIX/ new PHONICIANS/ Consolidated Canaanites ... the flags in many 'nations/Empires' display this Bird of SACRIFICE & 'death & resurrection'', often stylised into an Eagle - a brutal creature that requires an act of Siblicide to survive ''which may occur directly between siblings or be mediated by the parents,' how many founding fathers were brothers that re-enacted that?

The two headed Eagle has different meanings depending on which way the heads are facing- it is primarily a MARTIAL/Military symbol when looking outward.

The most resonant myths of the Phoenix describe it giving birth to WORMS.

While claimed to be another SUN symbols it is impossible to ignore the myths of Osiris Horus and Isis regarding this.

Uncannily there is a creature called a Phoenix Worm... it is a dragon faced Lizard ,popular as a home pet.

I hope that helps in some way

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Both sides have religious nuts, and the God of the Old Testament (and the Jews) was genocidal, but I'm no more going to use that than you should use Mohammed.

Metallica's "Am I evil? I am Man," is more relevant. What is the history within our grasp, and especially what is our present, and what is our intention for our future. How do we escape being Evil Man?

It's surely not using weapons to be 'superior', to imprison and kill the 'inferior'. The simple moral test is if the aggressor would be happy to be the person receiving the aggression. Would any Israeli want to live in Rafah this moment, as the Israeli ground invasion war machine starts to grunt? To be told that the actions of the few, no matter right or wrong, justified your child having its leg amputated without anesthetic, your house destroyed, the death of your family plotted.

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No Lynda, it is "Zionists"/The west/Israel who created Islam/Muhammad as some false flag. Muslims are noble savages.

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rubbish- the hatred began after sacrifice & mutilation rituals were discovered by other tribes.

Later, when the Canaanites had been assimilated by these depraved 'barbaric tribes' the entire seaways & trade routes were infested with immoral, exploitations & abuses...who were the first pirates?

To mitigate this most of the world had measures of caution restricting the influence of these 'new phoneticians'... it didn't work & the rancid (corrupted) Kabbalists married into the Cabal,

However, by the time of the Medici's it was fairly well consolidated via Church, State & Commerce/Banking.

Mohammed is a construct of that 'Turkish/New Phoenician' elite- just look a who his wife was & how she groomed him! 🙄😂


Israel = the cults of a fallen ISIS , RA (Sun worship) & EL...

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I don’t know whether to waste my time replying to such nonsense or to just laugh and leave you to your fancies. I’ll leave you to your fancies

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So sorry Iain, not agreeing with you on this one. Many holes in your argument. Not forgetting that it is the very same Imperialist colonialist dream that is responsible for this war from its onset. The British establishment. The Perfidious Albion to be exact.

"alluded to the obliteration of Israel". So sorry Iain, it was clearly stated in writing in its covenant not indirectly referenced to or inferred. Please look up the meaning of a covenant.

The claim it wasn't adopted is quite laughable when one looks at actions taken by HAMAS against all, not just Jewish people, but includes Christians and non-believers in the Islamic faith . Kidnapping people is not friendly either. They use it for extortion. It is a brutal act on its own.

"Nevertheless, as we have seen in Northern Ireland, South Africa and elsewhere, just because an organisation can be legitimately described as "supporting terrorism" that does not mean it cannot turn away from violence."

The situation South Africa cannot be compared to this and nor can Ireland. I add Rhodesia to this.

As a matter of fact the situation in South Africa has not changed and the minority of whites are still being attacked by the ANC (Marxist communist terrorists) from all sides. They have not relinquished violence, its just disguised under various veils. Here it is known as BBBEE and is a disguise for racism. They are using Legal Plunder. The Afrikaner in particular are being attacked, their history, culture is deliberately being destroyed as is their identity. It is retribution. Whites were lumped together as supporters of "Apartheid" a relabelling exercise by Marxists to ostracise a race. The Zionists origination is Lithuania.

Zionists are nothing more than neo-liberal communist Marxists simply put.

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Thanks Jack. I actually cited the precise quotation from the covenant---and linked directly to it---that specifically threatens the obliteration of Israel. I have also cited some of the many statements from Hamas officials threatening the same.

I have also pointed out the violence of Hamas, its crimes against many people and in no way am I suggesting Hamas is an organisation worthy of anyone's respect. I am also aware of the ongoing violence against Afrikaners in SA.

However, as I also hope I've shown in the article Hamas officials have repeatedly said the coveneant is not an "absolute." I have cited some of the many Hamas statements and signed agreements that offer the potential of a two state solution.

May I suggest to you Jack that you can't insist the covenant is the start and the end of Hamas political objectives with regard to Israel if they have signed such documents as the 2002 Beirut Summit "normalisation" agreement that is based upon a two state solution.

Quite obviously this does not envisage the obliteration of Israel. It is contrary to the covenant and Hamas have acted with disregard to the obliteration aspect in the covenant on many occasions. Just as they have also threatened obliteration many times.

The whole point of the piece is to highlight that this raises the prospect of a negotiated settlement. The view that the covenant is the only political statement Hamas has ever made and that it is wedded exclusively to it is wrong in my view.

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Davis, I like you don't believe everything that is stated or put out in the news.

Arafat & PLO was as evil as Hamas creation. The Islamist Jihadists were created to terrorise individual groups and nations.

Islam is anti all other religions and it is a curse. They the Hamassholes are jihadist Islamist gang mob of fanatics period. They have had many opportunities to make peace with the Israelis and have not.

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and the rabbis & teachings of the 'jews' are not ''anti all other religions''?!🙄😂

Your wittering here seems like a blindman looking through a kaleidoscope .

Read the TALMUD & wise up fast, you're embarrassing yourself on this topic.

The NATIONS are the GOY, for example-

goy: nation, people

Original Word: גּוֹי

Part of Speech: noun masculine; proper name, of a people

Transliteration: goy

Phonetic Spelling: (go'-ee)

Short Definition: nations


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Your utterances are so typical of an apologist stance for a terrorist group. I suggest you Ram it where a monkey hides his peanuts.

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Surface Crack,

is that what you do while looking for solace & respite?

Maybe searching for monkey nuts is the only attribute you have a talent for, thinking in any depth seems beyond your feeble scope.

As for 'apologists' take a long hard look in the mirror, and hope it doesn't crack like your fragile sensibilities obviously have.

I've mentioned many time that Hamass/PigButt's origins are derived from obvious sell outs to 'Israel'/ the new Phoenician Over-sears , and even highlighted the personalities founding them as the cruddy actors they are.

'The Green Prince' being the most blatant film example of their 'acting' profession!

You obviously don't read the comments here, while mired in presumptions.

I thought your original comment was hilariously inept, especially your lack of punctuation, and manners.

''Davis, I like you don't believe everything that is stated or put out in the news.''

Starts off rude & arrogant, then says- '' I LIKE YOU . Don't believe...''

or was it ''I, like you ..etc'' .... either way you appear a semi-literate goon who talks out loud when they type, and probably dribbles on their laptop while seemingly easing some form of terminal anal rictus.


tROT ON little mule, Thanatos guides while Kali rides.

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Some notes for the confused & confounded


Sheikh Ahmed Yassin along with Hassan Yousef were the founders of Ham-ass (... or 'pig butt' ?).

Mosab Hassan Yousef was the eldest son of the later, and is even more famous than his father.

''Nicknamed "The Green Prince"; born 5 May 1978) (he) is a Palestinian who worked undercover for Israel's internal security service Shin Bet from 1997 to 2007.....

In March 2010, he published his autobiography titled Son of Hamas: A Gripping Account of Terror, Betrayal, Political Intrigue, and Unthinkable Choices, written with the assistance of Ron Brackin.''- Wikipedia

(allegedly )'' Yousef was first arrested when he was ten, during the First Intifada, for throwing rocks at Israeli settlers.[9] He was further arrested and jailed by Israel numerous times.[3]''

It gets more hilarious, bizarre & yet uncannily predictable when Wikipedia informs us that -

''According to his story, Yousef met a British missionary in 1999 who introduced him to Christianity. Between the years 1999 and 2000, Yousef gradually embraced Christianity. In 2005, he was secretly baptized in Tel Aviv by an unidentified Christian tourist. He left the West Bank for the United States in 2007, and lived some time in San Diego, California, where he joined the Barabbas Road Church....

despite his conversion to Christianity, he is "against religion", and does not adhere to any denomination of Christianity. He has stated, "Religion steals freedom, kills creativity, turns us into slaves and against one another. Yes, I am talking about Christianity as well as Islam. Most Christians I have seen, seem to have missed the point, that Jesus redeemed us from religion. Religion is nothing but man's attempts to get back to God.''

''A documentary adaptation of Son of Hamas titled The Green Prince, directed and written by Nadav Schirman, premiered at the 2014 Sundance Film Festival,[21] where it won the Audience Award for World Cinema: Documentary. The Green Prince will be re-made into a live-action feature film.[22]''

((available on-line easily if you search for it))

Former Shin Bet Deputy Chief Gideon Ezra described Yousef's claims as "too good to be true", and stated that, "there are hundreds of collaborators like him. He is not unusual. He just decided to write a book about it."[24] The conversion to Christianity narrative promoted by Yousef and his book publishers remains unsubstantiated as well.[citation needed] Critics have alleged that Yousef claimed he was a Christian (for a longer period of time) in order to help secure asylum in the United States. This tactic is common for Muslim immigrants seeking to avoid deportation to countries where apostasy laws exist''

''In May 2016, talking to a Jerusalem Post conference in New York, Yousef claimed that at one time he was working for, and being paid by, Israel, the United States, the Palestinian Authority, and Hamas, all at the same time. He went on to say that Islam as a whole is comparable to Nazism, and must be defeated.[27]''-

all from wikipedias page on him.

Unbelievable as it may be, Nadav Schirman's first film was called The Champagne Spy (2007)

here's IMDB's summary-

''Oded is just 12 years old when his father reveals to him he's a Mossad secret agent and makes the boy swear to secrecy because his life depends on it. While he leaves on his mission to Cairo as Wolfgang Lotz - ex Nazi millionaire and horse breeder - Oded and his mother remain alone in Paris, waiting anxiously for his return. Now Oded breaks a long silence and journeys into his father's real and covert identities, revealing the heavy price paid by his family, trapped in the shadows of espionage.''

(available on YouTub e )

Suheib Yousef, another son of Hamas co-founder and brother of the ‘Green Prince’ who secretly worked for Shin Bet exposed the indulgent life-styles of Ham-ass leaders to an Israeli TV station-

“Hamas leaders [in Turkey] live in fancy hotels and luxury towers, their kids learn at private schools and they are very well paid by Hamas. They get between four and five thousand dollars a month, they have guards, swimming pools, country clubs,” he said.

“When I lived in Turkey I was shocked by the behavior of the Hamas members. They ate in the best restaurants, I would see them eating at places where it one course cost $200,” he said. “They loved to invite each other out for these meals.”

“They pay $200 for one course for one person and a family in Gaza lives on $100 per month?” he said to Israel’s Channel 12.

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Excellent again as always Iain

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(El far from Twitter )

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Dar I mean

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Aah, nice to see you on here.

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Great stuff, getting closer to the root & catalyst with every article.

Some tricky questions that never get addressed-(I will only mention one theme for now- thankfully!)

What is wrong with Hate towards something- why should we be ashamed of hating something , or tolerant of things we hate ? I find my hatred towards various 'things' a very useful feeling and a natural, usually intuitive defence.

Is anti-hate propaganda akin to virtue signalling pacifism- actually a form of domesticated denial of essential emotional response?

When such sublimation/suppression of these natural emotions is too forced the result can often be psychotic interludes, where the 'anti-hate' pundit become an utterly rage filled, sadist nihilist ... just like pacifists pushed over the edge become the most brutal & uncontrollable murderers.

(re- the work WAR, SADISM & PACIFISM -THREE ESSAYS by EDWARD GLOVER, m.p. Director of Scientific Research, London Institute of Psycho-Analysis ).

Maybe humour is a good antidote or counter-balance to hate? I can think of endless great lyrics from songs that manage to combine the two.

Imagine a world where the expression of hatred is 'banned' ... what an insufferably frustrating place it would be, where the new puritans can slowly rupture themselves with parasitic gluttony & moral ennui.

If we hate nothing does that also imply we don't truly love anything either ?

Is hatred not essential for valid/practical judgements, aesthetics, survival & character?

Feelings/Emotions are being manipulated constantly by the media/gov/corp, while we are constantly being told to trust REASON & LOGIC , yet since the beginning of the 20C almost all the 'arts' were well aware that (the delusion of) Reason had manoeuvred us into the dilemma of the times - Hence DADA & the Surrealists, the later of which is still the 'fashion' of the ages ,with the increasingly fictitious world & events we are encouraged to assimilate. Basically we are being almost constantly invaded with other peoples nightmares via TV , the internet, pseudo-news services, film & increasingly cruddy books.

J.G.Ballard , William Burroughs & Jean Baudrillard all wrote plenty of insightful things about this hyper-real fiasco.

I hate hate and love everything else !

or I love hate and hate everything else

(re- Peter Bagge - cartoonist, for those uncultured souls out there !)

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Sadly this reads like a grad-school essay—well written, lots of research and citations, but completely disconnected from real world experience or wisdom. You can’t argue a point from negation: just because you didn’t find definitive proof that your thesis is wrong doesn’t mean that it’s right.

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In what way was the 'thesis ' presented here 'wrong' ?

What extra real world experiences and wisdom can you impart to rectify the terrible 'grad-school' attributes that effectively cripple the above essay ?

Why can't a point be argued with from negation- it happens all the time these days and always has? Have you only a shallow comprehension of logical fallacies, something that is all the fashion at the moment ?

btw Maybe your grad school education was deficient in some way , as you've never encountered 'reductio ad absurdum' or 'argumentum ad absurdum'.🙄😂

Anyways , looking forward to your response on this fascinating divergence of views, cheers!

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Great article. Well researched. Well balanced. I learned a lot. You filled in a lot of gaps for me. Thank you.

Have you thought about sharing your article with Global Research here in Canada? They have a large readership as well.

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Feb 3·edited Feb 3Author

Thanks Dave and Dianna, I appreciate the encouragement.

Global Research have published a number of my pieces and I know they are aware of my work. But no I don't usually offer each piece to them specifically. It would help me immensely if others did, so please feel free.


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Zionism and the establishment of the state of Israel has always been a political, UK empire project. The designation of it as a religious state is insincere but has proved politically useful for decades. Manipulate well intentioned American evangelicals and the political support for the billions sent is assured. Military and corporate prescence in the belly of the world is strategic and excusable. That the Jewish populations and their leaders, political or religious, allow themselves to be used in this way by the Anglo empire builder cabal should be sobering to the idealists of the world.

We live in a realpolitik world all the way down baby.

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"Zionism and the establishment of the state of Israel has always been a political, UK empire project."

Actually, isn't it really a political U.S., UK, League of Nations project?

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Important link here and account from commenter on this thread Mike Hampton. Thanks Mike.


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All this division and labelling! This article goes in to it in some detail but fundamentally, who is behind it and why?

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I was listening to his Scott Horton's show before I came here, and was going to mention it in my newsletter. I noted that his guest said that the USA's $238bn weapon sales was bigger than their $175bn agriculture product exports last year. They're supplying arms to 75% of the world’s dictators, and 10 of the 12 countries that have the death penalty for gay people. Ultimately, these wars are about profit. That made me think that human conflict is just marketing.

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Maybe there are powers within the US who use it as a war machine. Those powers might have given technology and manufacturing to countries in the eastern part of the globe as part of a shift of their power hub. Israel would be strategically important as data is the new oil.

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Israel has long been strategically important. Their technology and data became a bonus.

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Well, there's gas fields off coast of Gaza and BP had already been in negotiations with Israel years before, excluding Palestinians, of course. Every war is a bankster/investor war; pirates are still here! Prof Chossudoski's stack has more detail on this.

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That's there, but its overblown. And there's the alternative to the Suez Canal, but that's long off. Weapons sale are the immediate concern.

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Just watched a bit of BBC news this Sunday morning, talk on more overnight bombing in Yemen, being prepared for greater conflict, more arms, more recruits with possibility of conscription. They are sowing seeds for WW3.

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I'm interested in how long Saudi Arabia will sit on the side of no opinion, and what Russia will do to take advantage. Iran will continue to be oblique. It's country knows what its like to lose a million people, so they will not directly poke. All the main players will be thinking of how to use this to undermine the West's 'moral' order.

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My interest in geopolitics has transpired out of the plandemic, learning about history of allopathic medicine, Rockefeller, oil, etc. All the wheeling, dealing, renaging. Let's face it, the west is immoral.

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I believe all powers are immoral, its a question of extent, but the US and UK are the only ones to wear that arrogance as fashion.

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The belief in a supernatural source of evil is not necessary; men alone are quite capable of every wickedness." (Joseph Conrad)

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'Men' alone 🙄😂🤣😂 ...and women, children & angry puppies are all capable of 'wickedness' . However study the religious teachings taken to heart by certain influential folk , and some are overtly less humane than others, and that is the dynamo of much of this misery.

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"Furthermore, it is the birthright of every man" — "Or woman" — "Why don't you shut up about women, Stan. You're putting us off."

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Yes, that is why I posed the question.

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Exactly. The Divide and Rule mobsters hide their intentions behind all sorts of deflections. Iain himself credits the creation of Hamas by the West and aren't they know they also funded by Israel?

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Munchy- and who devises the labels, who implements them, and who promotes them....

oh look , an obvious pattern is emerging here !!!

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Israel cares so much for the Jews that they coerced their population to get the Pfizer clot shots and bragged that they gave the medical data to Pfizer.

I'm amazed that Israeli citizens still support the government that sold out their health and privacy.

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Sectarian violence triggered by theological fanaticism is a surefire ploy used by Empires for thousands of years. The Palestine/Israeli slaughter is the latest iteration of ruling elite diabolism.

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Fantastic piece Iain. However peace is not what the Hidden Hand wants so it will never happen. Each side is a pawn in the game. You must know this.

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Best of luck to Iain and this spiritual leftist attempted noble savage/it's "the Zionists"/Israel/the west trope. Unfortunately for him that narrative/assertion is predated and completely debunked by Islam and its "mostly peaceful" "Prophet" by millennia explicitly advocating and carrying out mass murder of Jews and non Jews alike. Islamic texts are explicit, hence Islamic actions were but who needs to acknowledge those facts. Roger Waters types won't ever reach the conclusion that Islam just might be a bit "iffy". No, it is the evil imperial west/"Zionists"/Israel. Islamic imperialism, meh who cares. Islam and Muslims dindu nuffin bruv. 2+2=5. Because reasons.

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Sue-ella Brave-man ... 🙄😂🤣😂

wot a name

Its almost as resonant as Virginia Bottomley

also with the great anagram of "I'm an evil tory bigot"

In he good old days we had Ronal Ray-gun , Maggot Hatcher, Tony B.Liar , Dick Swett, Tiny kox...

I will stop there as some subliminal pattern seems to be emerging.

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British Creation and Control of Islamic Terror: Background to China’s Defeat of Terror in Xinjiang


Now do you understand why there are Palestinian protestors throughout college campuses and throughout the world?

It’s not about the creation of a Palestine nation, it’s about the creation of a One-World Global Empire.

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Iain, I appreciate your Hamas article (and your substack in general), so I'm hoping you find my links complimentary and not marketing, with the caveat that I'm less diplomatic and university-ish than you. I especially want to highlight the legal argument of "hearing the other side" which requires us to know more about who 'we're' killing in the Middle East.


'Oct 7: Hamas tells their side of the story' - https://mikehampton.substack.com/p/oct-7-hamas-tells-their-side-of-the

'The Hamas Charter' - https://mikehampton.substack.com/p/hamas-charter-constitution-ideology-flag-goals


'Biden's bomb run and his fog of war words' - https://mikehampton.substack.com/p/bidens-bomb-run-and-his-fog-of-war-iraq-syria

'West bombs Yemen for 11th time in 22 days' - https://mikehampton.substack.com/p/west-bombs-yemen-for-11th-time-in-22-days

'American and Al Qaeda assassins in Yemen sponsored by the UAE (and the CIA)?' - https://mikehampton.substack.com/p/american-al-qaeda-uae-assassins-in-yemen


'This is how the UN can bypass USA veto & bring Israel's killing of a 'nation' to justice' - https://mikehampton.substack.com/p/how-to-bypass-usa-veto-un-security-council-gaza


And then, on a different note, because religion should come after human rights, there's 'The Cow God War in the Middle East' - https://mikehampton.substack.com/p/red-cow-god-war-middle-east-al-aqsa

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