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A great critique of this podcast series: well presented with substantiated analysis.

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Yesterday I listened to the podcasts... just to hear their contents for myself and make my own considered judgement. My judgement is : What a load of childish and unsubstantiated crap, BBC 'journalism' at its best.

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If you have a chance watch this 30 minute video released by Sheep Farm Studio--it says it all: https://youtu.be/9W3mB1wJv4U

Which brings to mind another YouTube video I viewed yesterday which was based on an "Intercept" article, that in itself is unusual considering the site is owned by a billionaire with possible security state connections. Well anyway, the article is titled: "THE FBI GROOMED A 16-YEAR-OLD WITH “BRAIN DEVELOPMENT ISSUES” TO BECOME A TERRORIST." And here is the link to the interview with the investigative journalist:


The reason I am pointing this awful event out, is that the next step after censorship is entrapment which is not the exclusive purview of the FBI. So if things start to get brutally repressive, a ton of folks who are considered a threat to the status quo might be incarcerated based on false evidence. Which is not so unusual since this was the standard modus operandi subsequent to 9/11.

In fact, many articles written over the last two decades stated that most of the prisoners in Gitmo were not terrorists, but were just entrapped or victims of the rendition program.

That being said, Marianna floating around in conspiracy land, is most likely a precusor to something much more nefarious...

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It is all insanity, mental dis-ease at work...the video you posted...Some of the first words...'Neuro-Science as a Weapon'. I couldn't watch the whole video it is quite sickening. People who think in that manner...war, war, war are not sane and we need to be aware that this is the case. It is now too dangerous for life on earth for us to continue to follow the dreams of psychopaths and deluded fear mongers whom we've allowed for hundreds of years to take us into endless wars...We need to start following our own dreams of a peaceful, abundant planet on which intelligent, caring, compassionate, ethical humans teach their children how to live responsibly and in harmony with the life around us that give us our life.

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I need to take the proper time to read these two parts with no distractions. Hopefully, I can do so this weekend. You are a brilliant write so I know this will all be worth my time.

BTW, I also wrote a lot about this phenomenon - especially in one of my most viewed posts (which got 100k views on ZeroHedge): Why society needs Conspiracy Theories & Conspiracy Theorists, https://fournier.substack.com/p/why-society-needs-conspiracy-theories

Cheers mate.

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Very good to read a thorough dissection of the term Conspiracy Theorist, as in your 'Some call it Conspiracy Theory'. That label has been so effectively bandied around, managing to disrupt and estrange families and friends holding different opinions which, together with the intense fear mongering played over many years, appears to have driven quite a few people; into a defensive mental laarger that allows no entry; the fear is so great. Purpose achieved, but luckily there are those who have more courage than others, who are willing to be tarred and feathered, but not deterred.

Thank you.

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As always, a forensic analysis of the hog wash we are served by our government and it's partners. I do appreciate that the devil is in the detail and can help show up the lies we are fed daily.

A part of me also wishes somebody as good as Iain could go for the dark centre with the same incisiveness. I half wonder if people like Marianna Spring are partly put up front to take attention from those behind the scenes. Whether they are "The Black Nobility" or a mix of them and others, they would hate to have the spot light turned on them.

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A very interesting read. It must have taken a lot of work to put together.

One point I do not think is correct "Reuters gave Standley the wrong information that just so happened to precisely match a future incorrect explanation for a building's complete structural failure that no one, at the time, had any reason to think would happen"

It seems that many people on the ground new ahead of time . From comments on camera and later.

Where they say they were told hours in advance that the building would be coming down and where not to stand. The suggestions are these warning came from people organising the fire or rescue crews.

Some have said that it was due to part of the building bulging . The BBC were not the only ones to report the early and soon to occur collapse. Likely reporters on the ground hearing of the warnings passed them up. Using the imagined mangling of messages send reinforcements . we are going tplo advance getting converted into send refreshments we are going to a dance. Or the supposed translation to and from Russian of The spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak into The vodka was good, but the meat was rotten. Not that I think total collapse through the path of greatest resistance is

possible without some help

While people are correct that official explanation of wt3 collapse is wrong. Choosing this example that can be explained by miscommunication is self defeating.

I prefer the example of material being ejected from the tower 40 or more floors below the point of collapse. Unless the inside of skyscrapers truly are the same as a accordion.

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There appears to be a very determined desire in existence by those who seem to fear loss of control, power and wealth so badly they feel they must do something drastic, for instance introduce a Neo-Feudalism, using Fascistic methods to get there and the Light newspaper is a mishmash of emotional and considered responses, (Free Speech) coming from left, right, centre and non-politicals, to the desire of some in power, to remove all power from the majority of individuals.

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