Excellent analysis, as always, Iain, thank you. Really looking forward to Part 2.

What I'm particularly curious about is the "we are perfectly capable of managing a monetary system voluntarily" bit. This has not been my experience at all, particularly in less wealthy (especially indigenous) communities.

Community tokens are reasonably widely used in more wealthy communities (like the Community Exchange System mentioned by Jayne), but getting a shop owner (who are themselves on the poverty line) to accept tokens when their wholesale purchases need to be made in fiat, is challenging.

From the work I have done, it seems to me we have to go all the way back to our "origin story" i.e. the story we tell ourselves about how the Universe came to be, why are we here, what happens after death and as a consequence, how we should live. Our current origin story is based on domination and control, and this ultimately flows through to our monetary and governance systems. CBDC is merely a predictable outcome of our origin story. At least, that's what it looks like to me.

Anyhow, great work and I look forward to Part 2.

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Well put Michael, thank you. I agree that a self-sufficient local economy is not going be an easy project. It will of course rely greatly on a network and a whole range of systems and utilities. I am a lifelong yachtsman and have been a liveaboard for enough years to know that a well found yacht is probably as near to self-sufficiency as I could get but not everyone feels at ease on the high seas!

There are hidden places everywhere on this magical world:


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Very good and in depth analysis thanks. Cracks me up the way those who have brought us to financial ruin believe they can commandeer the economy now and make the world a better place. Unlikely. Brought to us by those same geniuses who brought us "Sam Bankman-Fried" and friends, and 2008.

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Yes! They are commandeering the economy, and arguably have done for hundreds of years, especially since the creation of the Bank of England, which came 94 years after the creation of the first truly successful fascist global capitalism's instrument for rape, pillage, and plunder, which is the multinational corporation, and was the British East India Company that ruled for 175 years. So they are in control. But remember they always use double talk, so when they talk of making it a better world it means for them. Not for the 99% who they view as useless eaters, deplorables, and citizen-slaves whose purpose is to pay the taxation to finance their piggy bank wealth transfer mechanisms! Citizen-slaves under central banking are simply a piggy bank for the elites to rob blind, which is what they've been doing since 1694.

I saw Mark Moss do a great deep dive into FTX and SBF which illustrated what I was suspicious of - he is a patsy and puppet for the global bankers and they set this up to take down as much of the cryptocurrency players as they could. You'll note one of the biggest left standing was a Chinese company. And the CCP is the global bankers partner in everything.

All of this banking and digital fascism was trialled and perfected in China with the assistance of the western multinationals who are trying to force it down our throats now.

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Good comment thanks. China has been globalists darling child. Obedient.

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Mar 4, 2023Liked by Iain Davis

Excellent post!! Thank you!! We must stop CBDCs. Here in the US, the Dept of Treasury is working on this, and so far only a handful of GOP members of Congress are putting forward bills to stop this. Of course, the Democrats are completely on board because they are 100% the party of Davos.

Also, off-topic, but wanted to call attention to the work of Sasha Latypova (pharma expert, substack Due Diligence and Art, bitchute Team Enigma) and Katherine Watt (legal researcher, substack Bailiwicknews), who were both highly recommended by Dr. Mike Yeadon.

Sasha and Katherine have concluded that the covid injections are a US DOD operation. Katherine has done a deep dive in to the changes to public health laws and regulations and basically says that public health has been militarized and they are using public health laws and language to carry out a military campaign of global genocide with bioweapon injections.

Here's a recent presentation by Sasha:


And Katherine Watt in her own words: https://www.bitchute.com/video/TrdcWhjm9RYX/

Summary: The DOD put out a contract on the whole of humanity and Pfizer in particular was the willing corporate hitman. The American people and the rest of the world are collectively collateral damage of a Globalist purge of useless eaters.

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A few info links to Community Exchange System. I've been in it (in Far North Queensland Australia) since the '90's. I've bought and sold over 10,000 Bartles in that time.

I would've thought the past 3 years would have increased the movement but not many people want to trust in an alternative. People ask what's in it for them before asking what can I offer which creates a stalemate around fear of lack.



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Bravo - at least someone understands Jayne - thank you for the hope.

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Really nice writing to simplify complex concepts for the laymen. Bravo! Cross-posting it after this comment.

As I've been writing about CBDCs and central bankers for almost a decade now, I can offer a few thoughts:

1) At the root of it all, you/me/everyone must consider and try to understand the psyches, drivers, and true motivators of those people running this show from the very top. They go by many different names, but I call them the International Banking Cabal. And I have written about them in a 4-part series about 5 years ago where much of it was drawn from a very high-level banker turned whistleblower. See he International Banking Cabal Exposed (4 Part Series), URL: https://hive.blog/cabal/@libertyacademy/the-international-banking-cabal-exposed-4-part-series

In Canada (and England for many years) the bankster-par-excellence has been and still is (though he operates in semi-shadows a lot) MARK CARNEY. If you want to see how slimy this guy operates, read my piece: EXPOSÉ: Canadian Residents & Businesses are about to be Carbon-Taxed into Oblivion, URL: https://fournier.substack.com/p/expose-canadian-residents-and-businesses

2) The level of hyperbole is not exaggerated at all Iain, for this is all very much proven. I lived in China for 13 years up until late 2021. I've seen the amount of power and control over the masses the gov't has employed through technology (and countless other means) not yet too much via their CBDC, but very much so through their WeChat Pay (and Alipay). My last 2 years there in the megalopolis of Shenzhen (which was the earliest city to pilot the Chinese CBDC) I taught higher ups at Tencent (the maker of WeChat / WeChat Pay, Games, etc.). I got a little inside taste and first-hand account of how the gov't there gets integrated in the tech. Without making it a long story, it is really all about control and how tech is used to control people's behaviors and actions. Just before those 2 years, I taught a VIP student - a very high level banker who was being prepped to become the CEO of the same major Chinese bank (a top 5 one which I will not name), but in the Hong Kong headquarters. We touched upon the subject of CBDC and I had him learn about the concept using a very interesting article. I invite you all to read it, for it will give you a good perspective on some basic design aspects (and sought featues) of a CBDC. The article, even though written back in 2019) is - Coindesk.com: Digital Renminbi: A Fiat Coin to Make M0 Great Again, URL: https://www.coindesk.com/digital-renminbi-a-fiat-coin-to-make-m0-great-again

3) The key, as was stated in this fine piece, is NON-COMPLIANCE. In China, the e-CNY CBDC has largely been a failure. It has not at all reached the level of adoption and it is just totally overrun by WeChat Pay and AliPay. I don't really see it gaining too much steam going forward, unless the gov't obliges Tencent & Ali to substitute their killer payment apps for the CBDC (very much doubt the masses would stand for that!).

Another great example of non-adoption (but here I really should say non-compliance) is that of the eNaira in Nigeria - where citizens are very distrustful of their gov't. Just this morning I was reading an article on it which says a lot. See ZeroHedge - Nigerians Not Eager To Embrace Central Bank Digital Currency, URL: https://www.zerohedge.com/crypto/nigerians-not-eager-embrace-central-bank-digital-currency

This gives me hope. We need, with articles like these and more word-of-mouth, to get people to realize the devasting and destructive consequences CBDCs would have on their lives and society as a whole and tell them to not accept them, not participate, or at the very least start preparing for alternatives (gold, silver, Bitcoin, hard tradable goods such as whiskey, or anything that people seek that has value).

4) What is also to be remembered as a lesson here, at least the way I see it, is that the CBDC is a TOOL, or a MEANS to an END. It would serve as the stick/whip/enforcer to get what they want (the END), namely compliance for whatever their pet project is. Climate Lockdowns seems to be the one they are currently steadfast on, as it is the post-cursor (if I can invent the term) to their Covid-19 Pandemic (which was just a test run). Climate Locdowns fits the bill for now, for they can use it to egregiously tax the masses through scam carbon taxes, basically eliminate private property ownership (housing & cars/vehicles, especially) and cut your access off at will to services (banking, shopping at retailers, hospitals, entertainment, online etc., etc.)

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Thanks Dan for an illuminating comment.

Please check out Part 2:


The Russian and UK CBDC models are very much based upon public-private partnership, bringing the private payment system providers and commercial banks on board. I think that may well be due to the resistance in China and Nigeria etc.

I fear, that once the private sector is on-board it may become extremely difficult for us to avoid using CBDC unless we actively develop decentralised alternatives ourselves.

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Hi Iain. Thank you for your kind comment.

I very much look forward to reading Part 2.

A though / thought experiment here. I am in Canada. I've been reading recent updates (press releases) by the OSFI (Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions) about reporting requirements for ESG and Climate Emissions.

Basically, the OSFI regulates banks and other financial institutions in Canada along with the CSA (Canadian Securities Administrator) for listed companies. As such, they indirectly represent (or hold to account) these "private" entities (such as commercial banks and listed co's).

And, upon which these public-private relationships will take place - the OSFI, CSA, FSB, FSB-TFCD being the so-called "public" entities AND the banks and almost any medium to large size business (for now) being the "private", represents the apparatus and "PLUMBING" on how they will require (force) companies to report Climate Disclosures which will serve as a basis for egregious taxation. The CBDC, as I mentioned in my previous comment, will serve as a "binding law enforcement tool" so to speak for ensuring Absolute Compliance.

Here is an example to simplify or clarify my meaning. A public company will need to report their Climate Disclosures (this starts in 2024, 2025, and will be mandatory thereafter). If their score is beyond a threshold, they will be punished, i.e., carbon taxed. In addition, if they don't adequately comply, or their ESG score is below a certain yardstick, they will not be able to get business loans from banks for operations. If a CBDC is in place, they will be completely shut out of the system - all of which, of course, will advantage large/multinational corporations over smaller/medium sized businesses.

Somebody much more gifted than me explains this well and much better than I even can - see Guy from Coin Bureau's latest video on ESG which I mentioned in my last post (here is the URL for convenience: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Drpmfl0ZDaI

Listen to that video and you will get a very clear picture of what I really mean.

Lastly, the way they will DRAGNET - entangle us all into their web of enslavement - I mean individuals and small businesses / mom-and-pop-shops - is through the COMMERCIAL BANKS and their Retail CBDC.

You see, I've read the fine print (see my article EXPOSÉ: Canadian Residents & Businesses are about to be Carbon-Taxed into Oblivion, URL: https://fournier.substack.com/p/expose-canadian-residents-and-businesses) and what I discovered is that ALL the members that the OSFI oversees (i.e., all banks) will eventually be OBLIGED TO REQUIRE THEIR CLIENTS (first their business clients, but eventually ALL individual account holders) to report their Carbon Scores. If it is too high, no loans or your [CBDC] funds may become "locked / inaccessible" until your "carbon habits" are rectified. This has already been trial-runned with MasterCard. Capiche?

At least, this is my view/take on their sought wet dream? But then again, I am just a conspiracy theorist (Why society needs Conspiracy Theories & Conspiracy Theorists, https://fournier.substack.com/p/why-society-needs-conspiracy-theories) - which funnily, is my 2nd most viewed article on my Substack.

Follow the bread crumbs of Mark Carney if you really want to see where this is headed.

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Mar 11, 2023·edited Mar 11, 2023Author

That is totally congruent with my own take on the situation. Funny how we "conspiracy theorists," looking at papers and announcements made on both sides of the Atlantic, come to the same conclusions. Thanks for drawing my attention to your work and that of others I wasn't familiar with.

Excellent work by the way. I am now recommending you on my Substack.

Nice to meet you Dan.



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Thank you so much for your kind words and recommendation Iain. You are a fantastic writer.

I will definitely check out those two links. And talk about synchronicity, I was just this morning thinking of planning to prepare an exposé which may be titled something like 'Canada Climate Con (CCP), an Exposé' or similar title. It's incredible how many dodgy NGOs who, in their majority, obfuscate their funders or source of funds (though many are directly funded by our gov't), and they seem to be present in their hundreds or multiple hundreds across our country. Plus, our current Environment minister (Guilbeault) is a convicted crackpot who was a Greenpeace charlatan. The trillions being pumped into this global scam is unfathomable and will be extremely difficult to counter - until, the masses get sick of paying these egregious carbon taxes.

Thanks again for your kind words and recommendation.

Peace my friend.

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Bill introduced to prevent CBDC for individuals, a good start but ‘testing’ needs to be prohibited also:


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Kitten did you see this ? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=XSjR1qnOQrI

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great interview, think part of the problem definitely is the public not accepting responsibility on an individual level, endlessly delegating it to ‘elected leaders’ who have misused it to build on their own power, control over us. thought provoking interview.

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There will be a world conference in London the end of October for this alternate system …Gates and the rest will lose their minds

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Mar 3, 2023Liked by Iain Davis

What better way to heighten controls in dystopian 15 minute smart cities (which will be little more than a "Polish Ghetto." )

By introducing central bank digital currency it ensures the noncompliant are personally sanctioned from access to resources preventing any independent thinking folks from existing within civil society.

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Great read. I agree with you excepting one point: the new WHO Treaty amendments are just about as crucial as the CBDC for our Luciferian overlords' NWO. The timing is aligned also. The coming Bio-Security state is an important part of the end-game IMO.

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Money should not be the principal measure of wealth.

Hamilton’s National Bank (The Bank of the United States) functioned as part of a national credit system. Unlike the oligarchical Bank of England, the primary function of Hamilton’s Bank was to issue credit for internal improvements and the economic development of the nation. The U.S. government owned outright 20 percent of the shares in the Bank, and the Bank operated under the tight supervision of the U.S. Treasury, with the Treasury having the right to inspect the Bank’s books on a weekly basis. Foreign stockholders in the Bank were denied voting rights, and they were prohibited from serving as officers and directors of the Bank.

Under Treasury oversight, the Bank provided vital aid to the national government. It became the depository for collected taxes, served as a holding site for both incoming and outgoing monies, and made short-term loans to the government to cover real or potential temporary income gaps. The Bank also became the repository for sovereign U.S. government debt, which then served as an asset from which new credit could be created. However, the Bank—unlike the relationship between today’s Federal Reserve and the U.S. government—was absolutely prohibited from buying U.S. government debt (bonds, etc.).

The Bank of the United States also operated as a commercial bank, accepting deposits from the public and making loans to private citizens and businesses. Its banknotes (paper currency) primarily entered circulation through this loan process. It extended more loans and issued more currency than any other bank in the nation. The Bank established branches in nine cities, including almost all of the manufacturing and commercial centers. Hamilton stated that through the work of the Bank, the “dead stock” of gold and silver had been transformed into “active and productive capital that rippled through the economy, creating wealth and increasing welfare.” As deposits accumulated in the Bank, investments were made in needed infrastructure and new manufacturing, and farmers were given the ability to make improvements of their land.

The Bank was a bulwark against financial speculation, and it did not act as a lender of last resort for unsound private banks. Hamilton stated that it would be the policy of the Bank “to succor the wary and industrious; to discredit the rash and unthrifty; to discountenance both usurious lenders and usurious borrowers.” He also stated that, “The intrinsic wealth of a nation is to be measured, not by the abundance of the precious metals, contained in it, but by the quantity of the productions of its labor and industry,” and, “The tendency of the national bank is to increase public and private credit. Industry is increased, commodities are multiplied, agriculture and manufactures flourish, and herein consist the true wealth and prosperity of the state.”


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Fantastic analysis. I will also say that I agree with your concept of money. I eat canned mackerel daily for its DHA content: https://romanshapoval.substack.com/p/the-best-brainfood

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Mar 2, 2023Liked by Iain Davis

Who has the balls to dump all present fiat currency from investments etc. into crypto? Your will require a digital device to make a transaction. Your digital device will be no way secure, Who wants to live in a agrarian parallel society? I do but with many hairs lacking on my balls!

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Mar 3, 2023Liked by Iain Davis

I'd rather die, and most probably will, since I'm not bloody well complying

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How will Credit Card Companies manage people’s CBDC accounts at the Central Bank? Credit Card Companies already have access to their customer’s purchases, but they don’t have the power to deny a customer’s ability to make purchases, other than by canceling the customer’s Credit Card. Will Central Banks issue new Credit Cards to everyone, and thereby put all of the existing Credit Card Companies out of business?

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The US Solution:

A Third National Bank based upon a Hamiltonian National Credit System for an American System of Political Economy.


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Thank you Iain, as usual you have made an apparent complex system easier to understand for those with some background in the present system yet hidden from most. This is a dry and uninteresting subject which I would guess not one in a million would chose to study.

And here is my problem and likely too those awake enough to recognise the risks to our very existence - how can we engage enough supporters to build a critical mass? My pessimistic forecast is that we won't and thus my own plan is one of 'localisation' which I have written about in the past. Thus my plan is to accept 'exclusion' from the new mainstream system and 'sail my own boat' so to speak:


I look forward to your Part 2 from which i am sure I will gain yet more enlightenment.

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